26 Useful, Must-Have Products For Big Dogs

Popular items from this list include:

  • A nail grinder that’s extra quiet, so it’s perfect for dogs who get spooked by regular clippers
  • The ChomChom, a popular pet hair remover if relentless shedding is taking over your home and you’re tired of lint rollers
  • A machine-washable car seat pet cover for taking your dog on adventures without leaving your back seat wet, muddy and furry

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A nail grinder that’s extra quiet, so it’s perfect for dogs who get spooked by regular clippers

It’s available in six colors.

Promising review:
“Most important thing to know for first-timers is to hold the sides of the nail, not the paw and pads. Holding the nail absorbs the bit of vibration that they feel. They will do lots better! Second is to keep the guard on. Initially, I thought it was just a cap of sorts. Realized my mistake, put the guard back on, and it makes the job easier as far as the nail and the grind goes. This is a really good purchase, and I’m glad I have it!! I have three big dogs, and it’s very hard to get them to the vet every time their nails have to be done. This is just a lifesaver.” — Amazon Customer

A genius leakproof dog water bottle that makes it easy to keep your pup hydrated on the go

It’s also dishwasher-safe. It’s available in three sizes and in six colors.

Promising review: “We love this! I was worried it wouldn’t work for larger dogs since we have a Doberman, but it has done great. It doesn’t leak, and he loves it. Would highly recommend.” — Nick and Ansley

Some leakproof poop bags so you’re not left gagging every time your pup takes a dump

These are much thicker than your standard bags and contain odors like a champ.

Promising review:
“These are perfect! Having a large dog and using those super thin bags is gross, and they rip, which is messy and even more gross. I’ve bought so many, and they are all the same. This one is a real bag! No worries about picking up after your big dog. I love that they have a lavender scent; I would much rather carry a bag that smells like lavender than poo. A good, strong bag! Look no further; this is the one!” — Inga

A popular pet hair remover if relentless shedding is taking over your home and you’re tired of lint rollers

This uses bristles, not sticky tape, to catch lint, so you can clean and reuse it over and over and over again.

Promising reviews: “I love this pet hair remover!! I have two big dogs that shed like mad!! This roller has been a lifesaver and removes all the hair easily and fast!! I highly recommend this product!!!!” — Jordan Sage

A creamy paw butter for nourishing dry, cracked pads

Apply this oatmeal-scented blend before and after walks to make all your dog park friends wonder how you got your pet’s paws looking so good.

Promising review:
“Both of our large dogs (a pitbull and a Husky) had rough paws, and the dogs were constantly licking them for relief. After a couple of applications of this, their paws are soft, and they aren’t licking anymore!” — Ashley Angeleri

An elevated pet food bowl to prevent your messy eater’s messes before they even happen

This feeder collects stray kibble in the top tray and spilled water in the bottom basin so you can avoid constant cleanup. It’s available in two sizes and four colors.

Promising review:
“I have a large pitbull, and we used to keep a small bath mat under his bowels because of the amount of water that poured from his jowls. The mat would be soaked, and we had to change it often. When we received the neater feeder, I still put the mat under it assuming there would still be some water that hit the floor, just hoping it wasn’t as much. But to my surprise, the mat doesn’t even get wet. This is a game changer, especially for big dogs.” — Ashley

An immunity-boosting allergy supplement

These soft chews not only help with itchy allergic reactions and skin sensitivity, but also deliver a dose of probiotics and other nutrients to help support immune function and digestion and promote healthy skin. It’s available in five styles.

Promising review:
“I started my large breed dog slowly for the first two days and increased it to his weight on the third day. It has helped a lot with his itching and allergies whenever I walk him. I hate to see him itching. He loves the taste of it, too. I will continue giving it to him because it has really helped.” — Javanna

An all-in-one vacuum pet grooming kit that combines de-shedding and grooming with vacuum suction

This way, you can easily manage your pet’s coat at home without the usual (hairy) mess.

The kit includes five attachments
: a grooming brush, de-shedding brush, electric clipper with four comb attachments (6mm/12mm/18mm/24mm), a nozzle head and cleaning brush for collecting any fallen pet hair.

Promising reviews: “This thing is great! We have two large dogs and absolutely hate bringing them to get groomed because it costs a fortune every other month. I found this, and it has worked great! The noise however does scare my dogs a bit, but they have gotten used to it. I wish there were a little bit more instructions but other than that, I think it works great! The barrel is small so if you have large/hairy dogs then you have to constantly empty it, which is what we do but it doesn’t bother us too much. The attachments all work great! We love the shedding tool. My dogs have such a thick undercoat, and this thing works great to tackle all the loose hair! My dogs feel so much softer and look lighter after using this on them.” — Amazon Customer

A suction licking pad you can load with a lick-able treat (like peanut butter) to distract your dog through bath time, nail trimming, etc.

Reviewers suggest freezing this with the peanut butter on it first so that your pup has to really work at getting all that deliciousness out — which’ll keep them occupied for a little longer so you can do what you need to do!

Promising review:Anyone who knows what it is like to try and wrestle a large dog into the bathtub for a shower will find this tool invaluable. My lovely boy hates to take a bath, which is weird because he loves swimming in any water he can find! What can I say dogs love peanut butter…and this mat worked wonders for me to bribe my big boy into the tub to get clean!” — Ejrunner

A machine-washable car seat pet cover for taking your dog on adventures without leaving your back seat wet, muddy and furry

It also comes with a seatbelt dog chain!

Promising review: “Just bought a new car and needed something quick to take my dog to the Vet. This fits perfectly and is durable enough for two large dogs.” — Melissa LaCroix

A TikTok-famous Little Green upholstery cleaner for effortlessly sucking up messes

It’ll help return carpets, furniture and even car interiors that have been sullied by your pet back to their former glory.

Promising review
: “I initially borrowed from a friend to clean a couch. I have two large dogs that bring all sorts of dirt in on their paws leaving my couch looking terrible. This machine brought life back to my couch, and I realized the ease of use made it perfect for cleaning stairs, car upholstery, mattresses, and just spot-cleaning carpet. I had to buy my own. If you have furry friends or children who love to spill food/drinks, or if your driveway ruins the floor mats of your car, you need this machine. It’s lightweight even when filled, the cord length allows you to move around the room without switching outlets, and it’s fairly simple to clean. Highly recommend.” — Ashleigh

Plus, a carpet shampoo solution to get floors back to their original, pre-pet color without toxic chemicals

It’s available in two scents and two sizes.

Promising review:We live in the woods with two large dogs coming in and out and with six indoor cats. The carpet gets dirty quickly, even with me vacuuming once a day. We have a specific spot that our one dog lays on ALL the time, and it was BROWN! I didn’t get a picture of that spot, but it was nasty brown. I ran the shampooer over it twice, and it’s nice and bright cream color again!!! I was shocked at how well this worked. I love that it’s safe for pets, and made with nontoxic ingredients…Great product!” — Rachel White

A liquid tartar remover because your dog won’t let you get within a foot of their mouth with a toothbrush

Add this to their water for sneaky oral hygiene benefits, less plaque buildup and a swoon-inducing smile. It’s available in two sizes.

Promising review:
“Don’t know yet about tartar control, but after a couple of weeks my three large dog’s teeth are definitely whiter, and their breath is improved. The dogs seem to like the flavor a lot — they took right to it. Lasts longer than you would think.” — Derick

A cruelty-free pet ear cleanser that’ll gently (but effectively) flush out built-up dirt in your pup’s ears

This’ll help keep your furry friend’s ears happy and healthy without a trip to the groomer.

Promising review:
“WOW! Our big, floppy-ear dog has had an ongoing issue with funky brown wax in his ears. Head shaking and ear scratching. It’s all ceased. And if and when it reoccurs, I will treat it again. Sorry Doc, can’t do the over hundred dollar-per-visit over and over and over.” — Bumble B.


A swivel bin pooper scooper and rake so you can stay as far away from your dog’s business as possible

This long-handled bin can pick up a whole backyard’s worth of poo and includes a rake that makes cleanup a contactless, near-effortless affair.

Promising review:
I have three dogs: a small, a large, and a giant breed. With work, I only get around to scooping the yard once a week. I previously had a claw grabber–style scoop. When it broke, I got this one. I just used it for the first time and picked up a week’s worth of poop from three dogs in about one quarter of the the time it took me to do the yard with the claw-style scoop. The bin is big enough to hold a LOT of poop so I make way fewer trips across the yard to empty it out. The absolute only downside is that the handle unscrews easily. I’m just going to put some glue in the joints and screw it into place and that problem will be solved. I never thought I’d be so stoked about a pooper scooper, but here I am.” — Amy Bernadette

A citrus pet odor eliminator if you’re going to war against lingering stinks that just won’t go away

This pet-safe formula was designed for use in boarding kennels and feedlots, so you can rest assured that the one corner your dog likes to pee in won’t be too big of a job. It also includes a revealing UV flashlight!

Promising review:I have six large breed dogs so my daily routine includes vacuuming and cleaning carpets due to muddy paws and potty training puppies. Prior to using this, I would always smell pee in my house even though I cleaned my carpets daily. I started spraying this on my carpet before and after washing, and now no urine smell remains in my house. Will definitely order again.” — Moose

A convenient waterless pet shampoo for quickly freshening up your furry friend between regular baths

Simply spray it on, towel it off and enjoy your dog’s silky, shiny, freshly scented coat. It’s available in three sizes and in three scents.

Promising review:
“This product has a somewhat strong lavender smell while applying, instructions say spray — let sit for a minute — towel off excess and brush your dog. The smell is lovely and leaves my dogs’ fur feeling clean and soft. I have three large dogs and have used it three times on each dog’s full body and still have half a bottle left! Will for sure order again. I have never experienced a product that works so well!” — Sarah

A portable paw cleaner with silicone bristles you simply fill with water to gently scrub away dirt and mud

It’ll help save your carpet from another dirty dog disaster. It’s available in three sizes and six colors.

Promising review:
“Where we live, spring = mud, and using a new towel every time the dog went outside just wasn’t working. Our dog hates anything touching his feet (and has to be drugged by the vet to get his nails done) so I honestly didn’t think he’d let us use this thing, but for some bizarre reason, he doesn’t seem to mind at all! The rubber ‘bristles’ are actually quite soft and our dog waits fairly patiently while we do his feet. I’m shocked he doesn’t mind and it does a great job! We have a 105lb Rhodesian Ridgeback, and the large canister is plenty big enough.” — SB

A rechargeable LED dog collar because finding your black dog in the dark is, in a word, challenging

It’s available in sizes XXS–XL and six colors.

Promising review:
“I bought these for early morning potty breaks and walks as our neighborhood is pretty dark. The collars are XL and are plenty roomy for my two large German shepherds. They charge quickly and retain the charge, and they look great on! It makes it very easy to keep track of the dogs in the dark.” — Maggie Bea

A hooded rain poncho in a wide range of too-cute prints

Your pup will look dapper for the neighbors and (more importantly) stay dry when it’s time for a walk and a rain shower hits. It’s available in sizes S–XL and in 22 styles.

Promising review:
“It’s not easy to find nice raincoat for a large dog. Many of them look great, but are too small or don’t last long. I think this one is a winner. Great looking, light, solid Velcros and, most importantly, it fits our dog.” — Gene S.

Danielle Healy / BuzzFeed

A real grass pee pad if you spend long hours out of the house fretting if Fido will have an accident or soak through their disposable pee pads

With this customizable subscription service, your dog will always have access to an indoor potty option that, because it’s real grass, neutralizes odors better than any pad or fake lawn ever could. It’s available in four sizes. If you want to learn more about the service, check out my full DoggieLawn review.

Promising review: “My dog is almost 17 and has trouble with stairs. She is ~60lbs. and we got the XL to keep on the porch. Being able to go out without going up and down three flights of stairs has been such an improvement for her. The only tricky part was training since she’s almost completely deaf, and while she knows hand signals for all her other commands, ‘go pee’ never needed one until now! My advice is to teach a hand signal for every command, because you may need it someday!” — Marielle V.

A snout soother stick for when the weather (or your dog’s incessant licking) results in a dry, cracked snoot

This award-winning balm is packed with nourishing plant-based ingredients to help get their sniffer back in tip-top shape ASAP. It’s organic, vegan and made with all-natural ingredients!

Promising review: “This is an excellent product, and it works amazingly fast. We have several dogs, and the pitty/rot mix has skin issues and a nose that looks like the Mojave Desert floor. This product has worked better and faster than anything OTC or prescription from the vet. The results are improved overnight. The downside: I was not prepared for how small the container is. For the price, I was expecting at least 3–4 times this size. My dog is extra large and has a nose to fit, though little is needed at a time, it does go quickly. But, if you can afford it, IT WORKS!” — Sewingthetoughstuff

An outdoor bungee hanging tug toy to keep your pup entertained without you having to lift a finger

It easily mounts to just about any tree by wrapping it around the trunk, hanging it from a branch or a combination of the two. Also, reviewers note that it’s easy to swap out the included rope toy with a new one if need be. It’s available in three colors.

Promising review: “My dog is a large 100lb black lab who can easily mess up a wall trying to pull a toy off. I bought this for him, and he has been having a ball playing tug of war with the tree! Very durable!” — janelle

AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

A gentle hair-removing glove because your big dog is afraid of a little comb but loves being pet

This mitt will help deshed (no matter your pet’s coat type) and is super easy to clean — fur lifts away in one solid, satisfying sheet.

Promising review:
“Great product! I have two large dogs, one with long hair that has the magical power of never-ending shedding…and a short hair that also sheds a decent amount so it gets used a LOT. It works wonders on both hair types. Also have two cats, one of which doesn’t like to be brushed very much, and she loves this too. It is so much easier than a regular brush because you can easily get all over without rubbing their bony areas too hard or hurting them.” — Amazon Customer

A durable, innovative dual dog leash

It has a padded handle and a swivel clasp that auto adjusts when your pups inevitably swap spots every 15 seconds. Now the first five minutes at the park won’t be spent untangling their leashes. It also converts to a single leash for solo dog outings. It’s available in two sizes and 13 colors.

Promising review:We have two very large dogs, and this leash has been a game-changer for our walks. The stretch in the leash allows for the dogs to stop and sniff without pulling on us. It’s so easy to hold thanks to the padded handle, and it feels sturdier than any other leash we’ve tried. Our dogs are litter mates, and one of them walks like a dream (slack in the leash, stays with you) but the bigger one loves to pull — this leash has helped that so much. It allows us to walk them together and allows for their different walk styles while keeping them from getting twisted. We’re even able to walk them while pushing our kids in a double stroller, that’s how well it works. If you have big dogs and want to walk them together, you need this leash!!” — Adel McCarthy

An interactive snuffle mat if your active doggo needs a bit of extra mental stimulation

Hide treats around the mat for a fun feeding game that encourages natural foraging skills and even folds up for easy travel.

Promising review:
“My German shepherd loves this mat. It’s large enough for his size and gets him mentally tired. He loves it, too!!! He has trouble with the triangle pieces. He doesn’t shake the mat, but he bites at pieces when it gets too difficult. However, it only took him a few tries to change his approach. I like that the mat is easy to wash, and store. Perfect for dogs who are really active.” — Kristen

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