27 Yard Products With Rave Reviews on Amazon

Popular items from this list include:

• A set of solar-powered pathway lights that can be used on patios, along driveways and gardens

• Disposable outdoor fly traps

• A yard tool organizer that can keep your rakes, shovels, trimmers and more easily accessible

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A lightweight, ergonomic weed puller

Promising review: “Makes weeding sooo much easier! I had probably hundreds of dandelions in my lawn and flower beds. First, it’s extremely difficult for me to continually be getting up and down to move around the yard as I weed. Second, most often the weed breaks off at ground level without getting the root. This weeder solves both problems! This weeder gets root and all!! Once in a while, the roots can be difficult to get even with this tool, but 95+ percent of the time, it gets the whole thing in one effortless pass. It’s unbelievably easy even for this senior! Highly recommend.” — K.in.So.Cal.

A bamboo bee house

Promising review: “I bought this because I wanted to attract more pollinators to my garden, and I honestly didn’t expect much for the price. I WAS WRONG! The craftsmanship is amazing! I honestly didn’t think I would get bees. I WAS WRONG! They started moving in a few weeks after I put it up. I am so happy with this purchase, and I love watching my little buzzing friends!” — Amazon customer

A glass bottle hummingbird feeder

Promising review: “Hummers love this feeder! There are two types of hummingbird feeders that I’ve had great success with, and this is one of them. It’s a replacement for a similar feeder that sadly had to be retired. I was a bit concerned, as in past experiences, I’ve learned that hummers can be particular, but my fears were unfounded! This little female [hummer] is very happy, and even without a dedicated ‘landing’ area has no problem sitting to slurp!The bottom twists off for easy cleaning and holds 10 ounces of sugar water, which works for me as the hummers either drink LOTS (!) or I disassemble it anyway to clean.This Perky-Pet feeder is a beautiful transparent green and a great buy!” — riderdiver

A pair of leaf grabbers

Promising review: “A total game-changer! These have changed my life. What usually would take six to seven times of bending over and picking up leaves to put into a yard bag now just takes three big swoops with these babies. I had no idea how great these would be. They also help compressing the leaves down in the bags. A great product that I would highly recommend.” — michele obrien

A solid fir wood potting bench

Promising review: “I LOVE this potting bench. This is such a beautiful potting bench! I have kept this in my garage and then moved it to the greenhouse, so I can’t speak to how it handles weather. BUT I’ve had this for almost 4 years now, and it looks as beautiful as the day I got it. It functions well, was the exact look and color I wanted, was easy to build, is easy to move, and it is all around one of my favorite purchases I’ve made for my gardening hobby!” — playswithsquirrels

An electric bug zapper

Promising review: “We got our summer nights back! My husband ordered this for our backyard because he was tired of getting bit by bugs. We like to sit outside in the evenings, but we haven’t been able to because of all the mosquitos. We found our solution, though! This product has helped attract all of the insects flying around at night. I’m so happy he ordered it. It does snap, crackle, and pop a lot, so just know that it’s not an item that will be there silently in the corner, but I’d rather those sounds than finding bite marks on my legs. Also, be aware that you need to be somewhat close to an outlet because it is powered by a cord. I highly recommend it!” — Bria V.

A pair of powerful disposable outdoor fly traps

Promising review: “Wow! I’ve spent about $20,000 on Amazon the last two years on stuff! And I never wrote a review… But this one — I have to!! This thing works! I live just outside of Tucson. We had a wet winter, and the flies are out in force! I couldn’t be out in the backyard without at least five flies buzzing around my head, all the time… The pool was covered with dead flies. The skimmer was clogged with dead flies. I have a two-acre lot with the deck/pool area of about 4,000 sq. ft. I wanted a trial so I ordered a two-set package of this and hung it by a tree and the pool fence. Oh my god — the next day, the pool was clear, and I could actually stand to be outside! Folks, it works. If you have fly infestation like I did, get it! I’m ordering the six-pack the next time!” — Priscilla Park

A compact power washer

Promising review: “Outstanding performance! What a great purchase. I was a little hesitant that it wasn’t going to be powerful enough. We bought a house with a very dirty porch, and I saw this power washer on sale. After seeing some videos on YouTube, I decided to buy it.It was amazing to see how the different layers of dirt were disappearing. It was very easy to set up, and it has two valves to have two different set of power.Totally recommend it.” — Luis Alejandro Giron Lopez


A leaf rake a telescoping handle and an adjustable rake head

Promising review: “Perfect for quick/easy cleanup! This rake rocks! It’s sturdy and helped me collect a big leaf pile with little effort. The ability to transition quickly to a smaller, more delicate tool allowed me to clear tricky areas that were dense with roots easily without having to grab a different tool! I highly recommend!” — Hazel Crowley

And a yard tool organizer

Promising review: “For those who love an organized garage…this is it! I am also one of those individuals who typically doesn’t write reviews of products. However, this exceptional product deserves all the praise for its design and functionality. After removing from the box, it took no less than three minutes to assemble. As you can see from my photo; I don’t have a tremendous amount of garden tools, but what I do have it allowed me to organize well and have access to any without having to move others out of the way. Prior to this organizer, I had all tools standing in a milk crate propped up against the corner in my garage. Yeah…this did the trick, but having to sort through them to get the one you needed was a needless chore. This Rubbermaid product has numerous sized openings as well as push clip sections in the front for heavy or frequently used items (push broom, in my case). The only regret I have is that I didn’t buy this sooner, as I never knew it existed.” — ncartegna

A three-piece patio set

The set includes two chairs and a matching side table and is available in four seat cushion colors.

Promising review: “Incredible deal! I can’t say enough good things about this patio set. I compared hundreds of options before finding this gem. The chairs are far sturdier than I even hoped, the metal frames look so modern and sleek, and the rattan details are made of high-quality material. The price was the best part, and the free shipping was almost too good to be true. Plus, it shipped many days earlier than it even originally estimated. I highly recommend this patio set.” —Courtney

A seven-piece sectional set

Available in four colors.

Promising review:

“Well-made! This is excellent. The top and bottom seat cushions are stitched together as sort of a joined one-piece, which stops the top ones from falling over. It’s waterproof (already survived a Florida storm), the frames are sturdy, and clips are provided to hold all pieces together securely when you have decided on your configuration. I love it!” — Beverly

A light-up outdoor umbrella

Available in 15 colors.

Promising review:

“Awesome patio umbrella! I chose a black umbrella for a change, and it looks great! It’s very large, cranks open and closes easily. Lights are lovely, just be sure and remove the battery housing at the top of the umbrella and plug the wire into the charger! I ordered the 10-foot umbrella for a rectangular table, and it gives a great amount of shade. I’m very happy with my purchase!” — 1Goodnurse

A 10-pound bag of EZ Seed Patch and Repair seeding mix

Promising review: “This product really works! A large area of our lawn was completely dead due to a broken sprinkler head that was buried under ground and gone un-noticed. I scraped the area of its dead grass and reseeded it with the Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair. I watered generously twice a day, and the grass grew in less than a week. I bought another bag to reseed residual areas of dead spots in other areas of the lawn.” — Aphoenician

A set of eight solar-powered pathway lights

Available in two colors.

Promising review:

“Adorable lights with a little STAR shine! I installed these around our fire pit that I built for a little ambiance. Little did I know that they were as decorative as they were functional. They give off just the perfect glow and cast a little star shaped glow on the ground.They aren’t too bright, so don’t think they’ll replace anything electrical…but they do help us not trip over our pavers, and they’re cute and don’t take away from the fire pit glow. We want it dark over there, but not too dark, and these are just perfect. I love that they’re solar, and I didn’t have to run electricity. Great price for as many as I received. And installation is easy. Just stick the spike in the ground and pop the top onto the stick after you switch the top to the ON position. A battery is already included in each one!” —Michelle Lynn

An outdoor storage box

Available in four sizes.

Promising review:

“So easy to assemble! Arrived well-packaged, directions easy to follow, pieces all clearly labeled, and snapped together easily! This was exactly what I needed to store 1/2 bag of potting soil, bird food, humming bird food, plant fertilizer, and a few citronella candles. Even with a night of rain, nothing inside is wet.” —Denise

A freestanding hose reel

Promising review: “Perfect for our needs! This was very easy to assemble and surprisingly sturdy! When I put it into the ground, I was nervous that the base would bend with my body weight, but it didn’t! I just got new siding on my house and didn’t want to put the hose reel on the house, so this was a great alternative. I love it so much that I bought another one for the spigot on the other side of the house. Very pleased with the quality of this purchase!” — Adrienne M. Bogarde

An electric hedge trimmer

Promising review: “Does a great job! I have a lot of boxwoods and other types of bushes in my yard that were overgrown and a bit out of control. An hour with this little trimmer and my bushes look so much better. Easy to use (I’ve never used one of these before), and it was intuitive, easy, and most of all, cleaned up all my overgrown bushes. Recommend.” — ComputerLady

A collapsible and reusable yard waste bin

Promising review: “Best way to corral garden waste! I love this collapsible container. I put a 33–39 gallon plastic yard waste bag in it, stretched around the open top ring, and then I toss all the debris into it. Easy to use, easy to collapse and store. Why didn’t I buy one years ago?! It will also make bagging fall leaves much simpler. I am hooked!” — Sue

And a heavy-duty dump cart

Promising review: “My neighbor had one of these wagons that he loaned me. I loved it so much that when I got done doing yard work for the day, I promptly got online and ordered this! It was pretty easy to put together, parts and instructions well-marked. Love that it dumps [and] has a solid wagon bed so I can put dirt, mulch, etc. right in the wagon for easy access/distribution! This has already saved me trips. Much-needed, as I have bone spurs on [my] heels! I would highly recommend this little lifesaver! It has gotten me back into my yard, doing things I love!” — Danielle H

A cedar privacy screen

Promising review: “SUPER PLEASED! These are PERFECT!! So I bought TWO!! I wanted some privacy on my deck and got exactly that without being obnoxious. These were fairly easy to put together. Just read the directions and have patience. They are quite heavy even without filling the planters. Can be moved, but I’m not going to without emptying the planters. I filled mine with rivet rock and put my indoor plants on it. They’re coming back in for the winter. All in all, SUPER HAPPY.” — Linda M.

A propane-powered fire table

Available in three sizes and two colors.

Promising review:

“Love it!!! Excellent quality! Very easy to build with perfect instructions and labels. Was built in less than 40 minutes. We added blue fire glass for the look. We also ordered the glass shield, but not necessary. Worked instantly. We love that we can also use it as a table What a great addition to our deck! The 20-in worked perfect for the height of our deck patio furniture.” — Eagle Sal

A string of weatherproof bistro lights

Available in eight sizes, two socket styles, and four colors.

Promising review:

“Great weatherproof lighting! These durable outdoor lights are strong and withstand wind and rain like a champ! The lighting is clear, and they came with replacement bulbs in case you need them in the future. The wiring is heavy duty and great for anywhere outdoors! These remind me of the old school light bulbs and give our farmhouse that classic appeal! 10/10 recommend these.” — Liz Fake

A quartet of drink holder stakes

Promising review: “Perfect for summer! Knew we needed something like these for our backyard since summer is quickly approaching. These are fantastic! Very durable materials that make it easy to stake into the ground without fear of it falling over and spilling your drink onto the ground. Love these and might end up ordering another set for parties.” — StrangeAlchemy

A free-standing hammock

Available in 38 colors.

Promising review:

“Fantastic hammock! I purchased this item as our second anniversary gift — the year of cotton. … My husband LOVES it.We both LOVE this thing! Super affordable for the stand and hammock both. The cotton is very soft, not too itchy. It was very easy to assemble using the video instructions. We’ve definitely taken a few naps in this thing already. I will update as I remember regarding durability, but we do bring the hammock inside when we are not using it to prevent fading and damage.I’d buy another if we needed it. You won’t regret the purchase! My only recommendation: I’d to be prepared to fall asleep, because this thing is so comfy you will doze off every time!” — Lacey Seawright Gulling

A pair of magnetic grill lights

Promising review: “Spot on! These are awesome. Strong magnets, great lights, and come in a durable case that fits easily into a kitchen drawer. We have a lovely BBQ, and the built-in light on it is broken, and it’s a pain in the neck to repair or replace. We prefer these over the built-in lights!! Bravo! Super great gift idea.” — Elle01

A light up lawn flamingo

Promising review: “Great glowing gift! I bought this for my friend who was going through a rough time. It brightened her spirits 100 times more than it did her garden. And believe me, this flower-filled pink flamingo is chockfull of enough individual solar lights to set her patio aglow.” — Dragon Wrangler

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