33 Products To Winterize Your Home

Popular items on this list include:

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A customizable door draft stopper

Promising review:It’s saved us so much money on our energy bill we’re definitely buying more and I encourage you to buy more if you want to save on your energy bills.” — Kellykelly

Some self-adhesive insulating weather strips

They’re available in two sizes and in four colors.

Promising review:

“Can’t beat the price! Great adhesive strength. Using in Texas weather on doors to seal air leaks. The weatherproofing material itself is very pliable and soft, presuming it weathers the heat and humidity. Can split a roll into two thinner strips doubling your coverage or can double insulate using the entire roll offering a lot of flexibility.” — Paul K.

A sturdy lockable storage box

It’s available in four sizes.

Promising review:

It stays dry inside even with snow! This is a great little patio box. It was easy to assemble and seems sturdy. It has done a great job surviving a Colorado winter and keeping all my items dry. I am pleased with this guy.” — Kristin


An incandescent light repair tool

Ulta-Lit Tree Company is a Glenview, Illinois-based small biz that started as a pre-lit Christmas tree pioneer in 1996. After consumers struggled with bulb outages, the bran worked on an affordable troubleshooting solution and created the LightKeeper Pro.

Promising review: “We bought one of these lighting guns years ago as we have many many lights up at Christmas, and we were trying to reduce waste and save money and our lights were dying half a string at a time. To our amazement, once we learned how to use it properly, it worked! We bought a second as a spare, and it works just as well. This is one of those “As Seen On TV” things that actually is worth the price.” — Kate


A microfiber EasyWring spin mop

Promising review: “The mop is perfect for my 1,000-square-foot apartment. The bucket spinning feature prevents the mop from being too wet when you use it so the floors dry fast. The mop collapses down super small so storage is easy and the machine washable feature is perfect. The only bump is that if you aren’t pushing down on the mop hard enough when dragging it around it will sort of roll over itself, but its a simple problem to fix.” — Michael Schnese

A four-pack of polished vinyl siding hooks

Promising review: “I had previously ordered hooks for siding, and I couldn’t use them. But these are great!! They are easy to ‘slide’ into the siding and are pretty sturdy, too. I am using three of this set and have hung different objects with them. The heaviest was a long welcome sign! You won’t be dissatisfied by ordering them.” — Cheryl

A six-pack of Keurig-cleaning K-Cups

Promising review: “This was easy to use. Just pop in and let the system do the work. No downtime, no waiting. Simple and easy to use. I did notice a difference after the first use. Highly recommend it.” — vetrie

A durable coffee pod storage drawer

Promising review: “For me this works perfectly! Fits just right under my coffee maker and between a couple of other countertop appliances. I use the drawers for a variety of the pods so it provides a convenient selection. What’s really great is the sturdy metal construction that supports the coffee maker yet allows the drawers to open and close easily. Just terrific!!” — Timothy N.

A pack of eight solar-powered stake lights

Promising review: “These are incredible!! I like using the color feature in winter when it’s drab outside, but once my gardens bloom, I stick to white. I have purchased these five times, and it’s going to be six. I bought the first set two years ago and just purchased my newest set. I put the old ones right next to the sets I just purchased and had never changed the batteries on the original ones…they were still bright so I never needed to. They are beautiful!!” — mosey

A bestselling cool mist humidifier

It’s available in two sizes.

Promising review:

“It makes absolutely no noise. I’m in Arizona and we need the humidity Mother Nature doesn’t bring us. Within minutes the humidity in the room increases. My thermostat shows the humidity and when it has a frowny face I turn on the humidifier and in no time I have a smiley face. It’s so easy to fill and is a no-brainer to use. One of the best buys for me from Amazon.” — Gary P

And a genius humidifier cleaning cartridge to prevent mold

Promising review: “Just drop this in your humidifier and it keeps the water pretty darn mildew and mold free. Super easy to use, no smell, and safe. I have already repurchased and given a few to other people as well.” — Kristine

An adjustable bakeware rack

YouCopia was founded in 2009 by Lauren Greenwood and her inventor father Mark Greenwood. What started as a single spice storage solution has grown into a thriving small businesses with a whole line of tools to make cabinet and drawer organization a breeze.

Promising review: “Rack works great. Really helped organize all our cookie sheets and pans. So much easier to find the one we need! Feet are very grippy and rack does not slide around in our cabinet. Easy to assemble. Definitely recommend.” — Jessica Wilson

An electric wine opener

Promising review: “Luxurious look. This product has a fancy design and is super quiet! It’s easy to use and within seconds you will have wine ready to pour. Hassle-free and a neat way to open bottles of wine. It lights up blue, is easy to recharge, and most definitely a good product to give as a gift.” — Babi Gendut

A UV-free sunlight therapy lamp

Promising review: “I was extremely skeptical if this light would do anything. I live in the Chicago area where during the winter we often do not get any sun. After about 10 days passed with no sun, I felt like I needed something to make me feel better. After using it for a few days now I actually do feel better and I had VERY low expectations that it would do anything. I’m pleasantly surprised and highly suggest it. It’s small and sits on my desk, and is very easy to work.” — Jeff S. Katz

A pair of nonstick silicone baking mats

Promising review: “I started baking with these at Christmas time. They are great! They really save me a lot of money as I haven’t needed to buy parchment paper to line my cookie sheets anymore. I use them to roll out sticky doughs also. I am a fan! They fit a regular size cookie sheet very well. They are easy to clean. I wish I would’ve discovered these sooner!” — Tamara white


A multipurpose extendable utility hook

Eversprout is a California-based small business creating tools to help you get all your outdoor home and gardening tasks done with ease. This is available in four lengths.

Promising review: “This pole is wonderful as it can be shortened or lengthened to place lights on the installed hooks so our Christmas lights can be put up without getting the heavy ladder out. The wind has been a little crazy as well, causing the lights to come off some of the hooks. The pole comes out and the fix is done from the ground with ease. Yeah, no more climbing the ladder to do the Christmas lights!” — Amazon customer


A concrete portable fireplace

Flîkr Fire is a family-owned small business, and their personal fireplace is fueled by isopropyl alcohol, meaning no carbon monoxide. Simply place the fireplace on a stable surface, add the fuel, wipe up any spills, and light it with a long-handled lighter or match for 45 minutes of flames.
Available in three colors.

Promising review: “The fact that you can simply use rubbing alcohol is awesome. The flame on these is awesome and creates a great ambiance on the patio. The base seems to protect the table, but know that the unit itself gets really hot to the touch. Loves these so much, we have bought them as gifts for almost every friend who has seen them in action!” — Gavitian

A wall-mounted storage rack

Promising review: “Installed in minutes on the back of a closet door as wrapping paper storage. Neatly holds 8–10 rolls.” — Leslie B.

A three-tier over-the-door towel rack

It’s available in two finishes.

Promising review:

“Exactly what was needed in my small bathroom. Fit perfectly over our door and stays put well.” — Amazon customer

Big Blanket Co.

A giant 10-by-10 blanket

Big Blanket Co. is a small business on a mission to create very large blankets. The blankets are made with four-way stretch, temperature regulating fabric, and can fit in standard-sized washing machines. Available in 14 colors.

Promising review: “I took the leap and bought my first blanket! I am in love with it! It is so soft. I love the weight it has. It keeps me at a good temperature. I have a feeling that I will be getting more.” — Lelia R.

A compact personal heater

It’s available in four colors.

Promising review:

“My office was FREEZING due to unfixable circumstances. This little heater is great. It does not have to gear up; it immediately starts putting out heat when turned on. The top and sides remain cool while the device is on. I sit directly in front of the heater, and I’m not too hot or too cool; it’s perfect. I sit underneath an air vent, and this little thing cancels out the freezing air much to my liking. My office is small and enclosed, so the heat fills the entire space after a while (maybe 45–60 minutes). Good buy! I recommend it!” — BB.J

A mini desktop humidifier

My skin gets flakey patches whenever the seasons change and my nose becomes downright painful in the winter from dryness. Not only did this little humidifier totally solve those problems, but it’s still going strong a full year later after many, many hours of use. The bottom screws off, so it’s a breeze to refill and it’s all but silent, so no worries if you leave it running during a meeting. Occasionally, the mist hole on top gets a little clogged since I just fill it with regular tap water (if you’re ambitious enough to use filtered water this may not happen), but after wiping it out with a swab it’s good as new. Highly, highly recommend to anyone who spends way too much time sitting at a desk.

A famous Little Green upholstery cleaner

Promising review: “This machine is truly a game changer. Especially for anyone who loves velvet and has pets. My dining room chairs have never been cleaner! Anytime there is a spill on the couch, I leap out of my chair with excitement to use my beloved new cleaning toy! Cat or dog vomit or mark something? No match for the Bissell Little Green. I would recommend as an essential part of any homeowner’s cleaning kit.” — Charlotte Bennett

A gallon of versatile anti-skid acrylic paint

It’s available in five colors.

Promising review:

“I tried several paints on my mom’s deck stairs and they all peeled within a year. This paint solved the problem. Heat, sun, rain, snow, no problem. And it really adds a nice grip to the surface. Definitely worth the investment for me.” — DL

A bucket-style towel warmer

It’s available in two colors.

Promising review:

“This towel warmer is great! Does the job well and needs no setup. Fits two full-size towels easily and heats them up evenly. Would recommend to elevate your bathroom!” — Luc H L’Ecuyer

A covered battery organizer and tester

This batteries organizer holds 93 total batteries, including 45 AA, 25 AAA, four 9-volt, eight C, six D, and five flat.

Promising review: “I bought this as a gift for my wife. She is in love with it. It Decluttered our junk drawer and made order in our home. It comes with a tester, which is great because we were able to eliminate the bad batteries, which we got rid of, from the good batteries, which are now resting securely and neatly in the organizer. Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely. We already did!” — Amazon customer


A salt-free Safe Paw ice melt

Promising review:I have used this product for 10 years now. I always use it because it works, it’s safe for my kitties, and it is easy to use straight from the container. I have used it in Michigan winters and am now using it in North Idaho winters. It works just great. One more thing — you do not need to use a lot to get wanted results, so an 8 lb. container goes quite far.” — Gail L. Crutcher


A sleek entryway rack

It’s available in six colors.

A programmable booster fan with a programmable LCD thermostat

Promising review: “I have a room that is extremely hot in the spring and summer. With this product (and the task of temporarily closing vents in other rooms), I am able to bring the temp down 6 degrees in that hot room in just one hour without affecting the temp anywhere else! Awesome!!” — Denise Davis

A portable oscillating space heater

Promising review: “Firstly, this heater puts out a tremendous amount of heat. I got this for a room that doesn’t have a door so I didn’t expect it to heat the space that well. Surprisingly, this heater not only makes the entire space comfy, but the adjacent hall to the room manages to get warm from this heater as well. It’s also incredibly quiet. It’s the quietest heater I’ve had for this space, and I’ve had a few different ones in this space. It’s also so sleek. It looks high tech while not requiring a lot of space or tech know-how. Plug it in and either push power on the remote or power on the actual device and you’re ready to go. It has three modes and yes, I can tell the difference between low and high heat output. The timer is wonderful. And the remote is serviceable enough to be useful.” — L. Thornhill

A pair of extra-long silicone oven mitts with a textured nonslip grip

They’re available in two sizes and 12 colors.

Promising review:

“These oven mitts are great. High on my arm so I don’t have to worry about hitting the racks with my arm. Takes a bit to get used to grasping things but not a big deal. Easy to wipe down, too.” — Colleen

Plum Polka Dot / Amazon Handmade

A 10-pack of Swarovski crystal wine glass charms

Plum Polka Dot is a Canada-based, woman-owned small business launched by Christina, a lifelong crafter who turned her hobby into a business that creates high-quality party favors and accessories.

Promising review: “These crystal wine charms are very elegant. I hang them from my ficus tree year round. My guests know to pick one of their favorite colors off the tree.” — Rene’ Malinovich

A magnetic four-event timer with a built-in dry-erase board

Promising review: “This is SO handy! I was thinking of it, particularly for Thanksgiving, but have already used it for different cooking times. Takes a little practice setting, but once you do it a couple of times, it’s easy. Nice loud alarm. Does not shut off until you shut it off.” — shopping genie

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