35 Products To Overhaul Your Bathroom

Popular items on this list include:

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A 12-pack of double shower hooks

They’re available in 14 finishes.

Promising review:

“Wow. Game-changer. I have to change my shower curtain liner a lot because of a humid bathroom (yes, even with a fan on ). Though there are greater issues in the world, why wouldn’t you want to save yourself some time with these hooks! Not having to take the curtain off each time I change the liner has really been more satisfying than I had anticipated. Added bonus are the rings themselves, the balls that were added hug the shower curtain rod so they never pop off. Something I never knew I needed either. Love these!” — Jdbouchart

A wood polish and conditioner

Promising review: “My bathroom cabinets had a lot of wear from the steam from showers and baths. I want to replace them but decided I would try this first. It’s very easy to apply: Wait 20 minutes then wipe off the excess. Filled in the places where the varnish was gone and showing raw wood and brightened up the finish. Looks much, much better for an easy and cheap fix. Very pleased with this product.” — Dog Lovers


A bleach-free, no-scrub weekly shower spray

Promising review: “We cannot BEGIN to tell you what a lifesaver this is! We have two old fiberglass tubs with vinyl shower enclosures that no matter what amount of scrubbing we have done with everything from bleach to cleanser to vinegar and baking soda would NOT come clean. After I took my shower last night, I sprayed down the tub and walls. Within minutes, all the built-up water deposits and dirt and grime began to melt away in front of my eyes. I left it on overnight, and when I got up this morning, it did not look like the same tub and shower. This product is a godsend, especially for old folks like us who have difficulty getting down on our hands and knees and scrubbing anything. More importantly, it performs as advertised. We plan on using it as part of our weekly cleanup routine. This is truly an overnight sensation!” — Amazon customer

A mold and mildew remover and grout whitener

Promising review: “This stuff is amazing. I live in an older apartment complex and even though I scrub and clean my bathtub every week, the caulk around the edge still managed to grow mold and turn brown/ black. I scrubbed with many different products and it didn’t seem to make a difference. I found this product and the transformation is huge. First, it’s easy to apply because of the squeeze top. I was able to just really focus on the caulk. Then, because it’s a gel, it stayed put and didn’t ooze everywhere. It really surprised me on those vertical sides. In the first picture, I already scrubbed my tub and even used some sturdy brushes attached to my power drill. The second half of the picture is after five hours of letting this mold remover soak and just wiping it off.” — Rochelle

A set of four glass jars with bamboo lids

Labels are included.

Promising review: “These are actually cuter than I expected! They are a tad smaller than some I’ve seen, but they actually looked great and can hold plenty of cotton swabs and cotton balls in the spare bathrooms. I have mine on a serving tray with a candle and vase, and they look great without taking up too much space!” — tara savage

A two-tier expandable cabinet shelf

It’s available in three finishes.

Promising review:

“I found this shelf to be extremely sturdy and handy! I loved how it works around my pipes and how it looks like a perfectly clean and organized cabinet and not cluttered. I tried everything from baskets and bins to wire shelves but they did not work. This under sink shelf lets you see everything. The metal is plenty sturdy for bath and beauty items. I love how it extends very wide! Love this shelf!!!” — Nicole Myers

Or a curved two-tier under-sink shelf

It’s available in two colors.

Promising review:

“The item is neither too big nor too small for my pedestal sink area, which is tiny, and the bathroom itself has no room for any type of standing table for brushes, makeup, etc. I use small plastic cups to hold a variety of hair clips and have jars of skincare cream, and I find this curved open shelving to be convenient for that. For me, the assembly was not hard or very time consuming. It’s nicely lightweight to lift, and I have rust-proofing spray to spray on it to protect the metal from the effects of water moisture.” — Carolyn

A set of two adhesive shower shelves

They’re available in two colors.

Promising review:

“I saw these shelves on TikTok and really wanted to try them out, as I have no shelves in my shower. The adhesion is impressive — they’ve stayed sticking for the past two weeks with no sign of letting up, and are holding about four bottles of products on each of the two racks I have hanging. I thought for sure they would fall after showering or something, but they have stayed strong and held up. I’m so impressed! I’m sure I will purchase more in the future. Super duper easy to install, they look beautiful and modern, and give my bathroom a totally different vibe. It’s so nice to have a product like this available!! Thank you!” — Sara B

A pair set of metallic shower corner shelves

These can be installed with either glue or screws, and reviewers report that either method is super secure. They’re available in four colors.

Promising review: “We installed these shelves using the epoxy in our tile shower at home, and we liked them so much, we bought them again when we were remodeling another house. They hold the right amount. They have never come even a little loose.” — Marsha dePuy

A jetted tub cleaner

Promising review: “Works better than anything else we have tried on our six-foot jetted hot tub. We have well water with lots of minerals. Oh Yuk gets the crud out fast and rinses easy. Been using it for three years and nothing else comes close.” — Linda

A bamboo bath mat

It’s available in three styles and five sizes.

Promising review:

“Great product, dries fast and doesn’t slide. Makes the bathroom look more elegant than a regular bath rug.” — Veronica Hernandez

A sleek waterfall faucet

It’s available in two heights and four finishes.

Promising review:

“Perfect fix to our older clogged faucet. Sleek and modern. Install was easy! Going to buy a couple more to change out all faucets in our home.” — Mia

A rotating makeup organizer

It’s available in two styles.

Promising review:

“First this is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, which is great! The spin is smooth, and cleared my counter space I needed back! Perfect for my skincare items, perfumes, cotton rounds, and cotton swabs!” — Rae Myers

An internet-famous all-purpose cleaning paste

Promising review: “I bought this because of all the hype on TikTok, and I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest. I have these glass shower doors that have been water marked for a while, I usually use a Magic Eraser, but that doesn’t take them away very well. But after putting this on a microfiber towel, and simply rubbing it in, it is as clear as it was the day we bought them, I cannot believe this! I can’t wait to clean other things! I would recommend gloves, because I didn’t use gloves, and I can feel my finger is a little scratched up from the little particles that has in it.” — Jennifer

A grout pen

It’s available in two tip widths and in other colors.

Promising review:

“I used this product five years ago in the bathroom floor of a house we bought. It had beautiful beige tile and hideous orange grout. After cleaning the grout with a paste of OxiClean, I applied the pen. It covered completely and I have beige grout. It has lasted without reapplying for five years. The floor is washed every week. We recently bought a vacation condo with beige tile and orange grout in the shower. I used the white pen and the shower looks brand new. Now I ordered more for the floor.” — Pamela Brucker

Two toilet seat lifters

This may also be easier for people to grip than a toilet seat.

Promising review: “One of my pet peeves is having to touch the toilet seat. I sanitize my home daily if not hourly and the handle makes cleaning the toilet so much more tolerable. The handle doesn’t get splatter on it. Super easy to install and the adhesive sticks perfectly. It comes with extra adhesions if needed. I wipe down everything with wipes or bleach and paper towel and I’m done.” — Allie Fast

A shower curtain liner with mesh pockets

It’s available in two colors.

Promising review:

“This is the perfect storage solution for our tiny NYC bathroom and so much better than a showerhead hook caddy. It’s great that the pockets are mesh so as not to hold water/get gross.” — Emily Tozer

A expanding shower liner

It’s available in seven styles.

Promising review:

“Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for! I have a tiny bathroom in a old apartment building with an untreated window that needs to be covered with a shower curtain inside my shower. Every time you’d shower you would be attacked by curtains from both sides. That is until I purchased this curtain. It gives so much more room in the shower like a curved shower rod, but without all that hardware and work associated with it. It’s weighted enough so it doesn’t move. I’m not longer attacked by my shower curtains. I 100% would purchase again” — Brittany Hopkins


A 2-in-1 showerhead

It’s available in four colors and two sizes.

Promising review:

“I bought this as a gift for my husband. He always wanted a showerhead that felt like he was in a rain shower and when he saw this advertised during an NFL game, he was drooling over it. I was unsure if it would prove to be as wonderful as the commercial made it seem but, it is. We are going to remodel our master bathroom but, he could not wait and installed in in the current shower. He loves it. Great water pressure, looks impressive.” — enyawe


A bath overflow drain cover

Promising review: “I have a high-stress job, and I’ve started taking baths as a way to unwind. However, it never seemed like I could keep enough water in the tub to really enjoy it. This little thing makes a HUGE difference!! I get at least an extra three inches of water and it is great.” — Hyacinthe Snyder

A hidden toilet brush

Promising review: “The brush works like any other toilet brush, but we love that it is hidden. You have to look very hard to see it but it is easily accessible if you need it. It was also easy to assemble — just click two parts together and hang off the toilet bowl. I would recommend buying this product.” — Ariel

A toothbrush station and toothpaste dispenser

It holds five toothbrushes and four cups, and the two toothpaste dispensers use vacuum tech to get every last drop out of the tube. It’s available in three colors.

Promising review: “I am SO happy I bought this for my bathroom! It looks so clean, it is easy to install, and it is easy to clean when toothpaste gets on it! The design is simple, yet genius! My 5-year-old uses it with ease and she doesn’t make a mess with the toothpaste tube anymore! I am extremely satisfied and I have had it for 3 months now. TikTok made me buy it LOL!” — Stephanie Mendoza

A set of four drill brush attachments

The yellow brush is a medium bristle brush designed for bathroom surfaces. The other colors are better suited for different surfaces based on their stiffness.

Promising review: “Sadly I only have a shower at my house and of course it’s all tile. I have zero clue why anyone would want tile it’s awful. Saying that cleaning it is the worst and it never gets clean and I know for a fact I don’t put enough elbow grease into it. Well that all changed with these bangers! I just put it into a drill, spray some mildew spray on it, and hammer away. It’s 100% better than doing it by hand not 97% or 98% or even 99% better, it’s 100% better. You need these.” — Mark

A set of interlocking drawer organizers

Madesmart is a woman-owned business!

Promising review:Wow my bathroom drawers are ELEVATED now. They look clean as hell and I can actually find stuff. Easy to snap together and organize how you’d like. Definitely buying a second set for my kitchen drawers!” —Toni Bish

A bamboo Squatty Potty

It’s available in two colors.

Promising review:

“I owned one of the plastic ones before and this was a total upgrade! LOVE the look, a little hard to fold but maybe I just need to workout more. Anyway, my fiancé was very skeptical but he says it’s AMAZING and now takes less time hogging the restroom.” — Evelyn Flores


A 10-pack of shower steamers

The Herbal Zen is a small business based in Pennsylvania. Jason, the owner, was working as a pharmacist before pivoting to creating a line of small batch hand-crafted essential oil and herbal based products that are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and made without artificial fragrance and preservatives.

Promising review: “I really enjoy these. I’m pregnant and find it hard to relax and fall asleep now that I’m in my third trimester and these are great at night when I shower in the dark with just a nightlight. The scent is strong and will give a great waft every time it comes into contact with the hot water. I’m usually in the shower for about half an hour and I put this in the very back and it usually lasts throughout the entire time. If I put it near the front it dissolves in about 5–7 minutes and can be a little overpowering. It also came with a sample of the their stress relief scent, which is just lavender and lemon and honestly smells like fruit loops.” — trieulove

An over-the-toilet storage cabinet

It’s available in two colors and three styles.

Promising review:

“I searched for weeks before deciding on this particular bathroom storage unit. I wanted a cabinet on the top with doors. I love that the panels in the door are actual glass and not plastic like some others. I put this together myself, and it was very easy! It took me a couple of hours, but I took my time to ensure I put everything together correctly. The instructions were easy to understand, and everything went together quiet smoothly. This is very well made, and sturdy! I have no doubts that this will last a long time!” — dolge.


Or a three-tier over-the-toilet shelf

It’s available in four colors.

Promising review:

“Great addition to my daughter’s bathroom. She was out of under cabinet space so we purchased this. It holds plenty of her items and now we have the cabinet space back available. Looks nice and it’s well made also easy to put together.” — wendyLaw

A magnetic soap holder

Promising review: “Who knew that the solution to all of my soap bars getting mushy and gross was this small magnet? It’s aesthetic in my bathroom and holds any size soap — it really is an ingenious invention. It adhered very well to my mirror and was easy to install. A true game changer.” — Irene

A slender storage cabinet

It’s available in four sizes and six colors.

Promising review:

“So easy to put together I could put it together with my eyes closed. Fit amazingly perfectly between the tub and the toilet and it has created so much more space and my bathroom is no longer cluttered because of this product.” — COS45B

A toilet tank cleaner

Promising review: “I moved to a new (well not exactly new — the building is about 50 years old) NJ apartment three years ago and I loved it then and still love it today. But there’s one serious issue at the time I moved in: my toilet tank. Three years ago just for curiosity’s sake I lifted the cover and I nearly fainted after what I peeked inside. It seemed the tank was never cleaned since it was first installed. I tried to clean it out using vinegar. No use. Scrub it with Comet? Forget it. Straight bleach? Worked a bit but a waste of time. Happily I came across this product. After two applications I allowed the tank to marinate (soak) overnight. After I lifted the cover in the morning, what a shock!!! The entire tank looked SO MUCH CLEANER THAN NEVER BEFORE. This is a gift from the toilet gods. Now I have the cleanest toilet tank than any in my entire building for sure 🙂 Very happy and totally satisfied with this cleaner and I’ll purchase it again if needed from Amazon. You won’t be disappointed with this amazing yucky tank cleaner.” — IZZY

Scrubbing Bubbles

Six Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning stamps

Promising review: “I was sooo skeptical and was confused about how they’d work but the gel solidifies and with every flush, suds wash through with the water and it really makes a fresh difference. Also the scent is light but really nice and fresh! I recommend these 100%! They’re super interesting but they do the job.” — Janet

A set of 10 peel-and-stick floor tiles

Promising review: “These are so easy to install! We sold our house and moved into a mobile home on our land while we build a house. We wanted to do a little updating but we don’t want to spend a lot. We decided to use self-adhesive flooring and I fell in love with these! The pattern and color were perfect for my bathroom theme! Installation was easy and quick. They stick great and it’s been a few weeks and we’ve had no issues. I love the texture and they’re so easy to clean! Definitely recommend!” — Heather Wine

An electric waterproof bubble massage mat

The suction cups will stick best if you do not have a textured tub.

Promising review: “The SereneLife bath mat is everything I wanted it to be. This has turned my garden tub in my apartment into a very nice Jacuzzi tub. It feels really great on sore muscles and aerates bubble bath to be very aromatic. The jets are really strong and feel nice on your body.” — Megan


An over-the-tank toilet paper holder

It’s available in three colors.

Promising review:

“The over-the-tank toilet paper holder is so much better than one that is on the floor. I love it.” — Eileen Rios

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