8 types of rest we need in our relationships

When we hear rest, we immediately think about quality sleep. However, there are other types of rest that are important to make ourselves feel better. In a relationship, there may come times when we feel emotionally and mentally drained. That may happen because of prolonged fights or challenges or due to the absence of healthy boundaries. In a relationship, rest is also very important. Be it taking a break from each other or finding ways to pause the conflict and connect with each other again – there are different types of rest in a relationship that can act as a breather in an emotionally draining relationship. ” Sleep is not the only kind of rest we need. Does your relationship need a deep rest from any of these,” asked Therapist Maria G Sosa as she noted down the types of rest we need in a relationship.

8 types of rest we need in our relationships(Unsplash)

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Rest from the fix it mode: We often get so busy fixing the person or the situation at hand that we forget to have a bird’s eye view of the entire condition of the relationship. For once, it is important to stop being in the fixing mode and learn to enjoy the relationship.

Rest from productivity: We do not need to rush all the time to make the time in the relationship full of productivity, activities and efficiency. Sometimes we can take a step back and just take a rest.

Rest from making each other the enemy: in a conflict, we often end up fighting against each other, instead of fighting together against the problem. Making the partner the enemy or the problem is a toxic way of looking at the conflict.

Rest from expecting the partner to meet all the needs: While we may have our own needs and expectations, when we keep burdening the partner to meet our needs constantly, it can be very exhausting for them.

Rest from topics that have no resolution: When we keep bringing up topics that do not have a solution, it can start to feel very tiring being stuck in the same conversation.

Rest from overly involved family members: A relationship is primarily meant for the people directly involved in it. When we let too many opinions crowd the relationship. It loses its charm and intimacy.

Rest from keeping up appearances: Maintaining a certain appearance for the social circle or a community can be very emotionally draining for us as well as the partner.

Rest from always making children the priority: While our children are important, we should also learn to make ourselves a priority in the relationship.

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