AI Replacing Human Jobs: Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Coming for Your Job, but To Be Your New Coworker, Says Report

Mumbai, January 10:  In 2023, AI made its mark in different sectors worldwide by introducing new capabilities and features for businesses and individuals. However, 2023 was also the year of many tech layoffs due to restructuring and adopting artificial intelligence-led automation. In 2024, AI-driven innovations will likely rise among many businesses and fields. The tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Elon Musk’s xAI, Amazon, Paytm and many others have already announced their artificial intelligence-related developments. 

As technology advances, there are also concerns about human jobs being replaced by AI. According to the report by Fortune, Artificial intelligence will not replace human jobs; however, it will serve as a coworker. The report mentioned, “Concerns about AI replacing humans are unlikely to materialize anytime soon”. It further said that AI will not be a ‘fixture’ of the workplace. Parag Agrawal, Former Twitter CEO, Raises USD 30 Million for His AI Startup, New Company To Build Software for Developers of Large Language Model.

According to the report of AI Magazine, a UK-based consulting firm, Deloitte, provider of largest professional network, announced its new AI Chatbots called ‘PairD’ to help its 75,000 workers across the UK, Middle East and Europe improve their workplace efficiencies. The report mentioned that Deloitte’s AI Institute developed robots to help the workforce with daily tasks, such as writing code, drafting content, and doing research safety and security. As per the report, PairD is an internal Gen AI platform designed to carry out the tasks for its workforce. 

According to the report by Fortune, international firm PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) announced its three-year investment plan of $1 in generative AI. As per the report, the company would use automation in its services like consulting, tax, and auditing. As per the report, Paul Daughtery, Accenture’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, said the biggest worry is the “jobs for the people who won’t be using generative AI”. Paytm Announces To Invest Rs 100 Crore in Gujarat’s GIFT City To Offer AI-Driven Cross-Border Remittance and Set Up New Development Centre for Innovation.

The report mentioned that AI and robots have yet to overtake human ingenuity, and humans should not worry about the “nonhumans” putting them out of their work.

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