Are you frustrated by dating? Here’s what you can do instead

When we carry the baggage of past traumatic experiences of relationships and toxicity, starting all over again to find ourselves vulnerable in love and relationship can feel like a big task. Starting from scratch with someone and learning to be healthy in dating is a process and it is important to address our unresolved trauma before we jump into it. “I know dating can feel really complicated and hard…especially if we’ve been hurt in the past,” wrote Relationship Specialist Rose Viggiano. The expert further noted down a few things that we can do instead if we are frustrated or tired of dating.

Are you frustrated by dating? Here’s what you can do instead(Designecologist)

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Spend time recollecting on what we have to offer: Knowing what we can offer in a relationship helps us to seek the type that we need in the present phase of our lives. The unique things that we can offer and the opportunity to express ourselves make us more self-aware.

Clarify our intentions: Be it companionship, commitment or marriage or friendship, we should have clarity on what we want from the relationship. That will help us to seek the type of relationship we are looking for.

Revamp the online profile: A positive online profile with the interests mentioned with good pictures of ourselves can help us to find the right person for us.

Be willing to connect with new people: We should be willing to meet and start conversations with new people. Knowing them better can help us to find the relationship we are seeking from them. We can also make some great friends that way.

Surround ourselves with positive messages: We should cut the negativity out and instead surround ourselves with optimism related to dating. This will further reinstate our faith and hope in dating and finding the right person.

Take a break: Sometimes taking a break from dating to focus on ourselves and engaging in self-awareness and self-care can help us to connect with ourselves better.

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