Beats Studio Buds On Sale For Black Friday Price

Looking for solid noise-canceling ear buds but don’t want to pay that AirPods Pro or Bose QuietComfort price? Good news: Beats Studio Buds are quietly back to their Black Friday sale price at multiple retailers, and they offer a lot of bang for the buck.

On sale in six cool colors at Target, five at Walmart and three at Amazon, these Beats Studio Buds are compatible with both Apple and Android phones with simple and quick one-touch pairing. With an IPX4 water-resistant rating, you won’t even have to worry about sweat or rain. Choose between transparency mode, so you can still hear the world around you, or noise-cancelling mode so you can enjoy the best audio and calls. You’ll get eight hours of listening time on a charge and up to 24 hours with additional charge from the case. And like Apple’s AirPods Pro, they come with three tip options for the best in-ear fit.

You’ll save 40% off the regular price, just in time for a self-gift or even a last-minute holiday surprise for someone else.

These earbuds even support spatial audio for movies and gaming, and have finger-tap controls for taking and ending calls, playing music and more.

Check out some promising reviews from Amazon buyers:

“After going through 3 sets of $200 Apple AirPods Pro’s in the last year, the speakers always blew out, I wanted to try something different, I had beats back in high school and they were the best quality headphones I had, so I figured I’d see what their Apple equivalent had to offer, and I’m beyond impressed. For HALF the price, you get a more comfortable and lighter earbud that you can barely tell is in your ear, and doesn’t hurt sitting in my ears after an hour like the AirPods, but most importantly, the sound quality is 10x better, a lot clearer with more bass, as well as they higher output of volume. These are as loud as AirPods at 3/4 volume when AirPods are at full volume. They also have the same tapping features as the AirPods for song skipping, pausing, and calls so it’s not like having to relearn a different style from before. I will never waste the money on AirPods again.” — Juliana Straessley

“This earbuds are so incredible. I love the pink color. They are comfortable to wear once you figure out how to properly place them in your ear. They pair quickly on your device and I have used them on Android and Windows PC as well. The battery life is amazing, which was the biggest thing I was looking for when deciding which earbuds to buy. They also charge super quick and I love the little case. And the sound quality is very good. I am not an expert on audio but for a casual person that loves to listen to music, watch movies and play videogames this work great. So happy with my purchase!” — Gabriela Fernandez

“I am personally super pleased with these headphones…The entire time I’m working out though, my headphones have no issue staying in my ear, the sound quality is amazing, and they have an excellent noise cancellation. Every once in a while you have to adjust them and push them more in your ear if the noise cancellation isn’t perfect, but thats every ear bud, if you don’t want to deal with that then get yourself a set of over the ear headphones. I think this purchase was one hundred percent worth the price! I got them almost a month ago, only charging them a few minutes here and there and they still haven’t been on low battery mode. I was using skullcandy ANC earbuds and honestly they just kept breaking on me, 30/40$ adds up if you have to keep buying a new pair every six months. I would rather pay a hundred bucks at this point for a pair of headphones that work than to not be inconvenienced at the gym with not being able to workout because my headphones broke, and keep buying a new pair of headphones which in the end, end up more costly than this pair anyways.” — Tabby

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