Czinger confirms Hyper GT for production

Czinger’s Hyper GT concept, a 1,250-hp four-seater shown in 2022, will be built, the company’s CEO has revealed.

In an interview with Top Gear published last week, Czinger CEO and founder Kevin Czinger said the Hyper GT is going into production, and that it is one of six vehicles the company wants to launch by the end of the decade.

Czinger didn’t say when exactly the Hyper GT will enter production, and it may not be the company’s next model after the debut 21C hypercar. Last fall, Czinger said the company may follow up the 21C with a high-performance SUV similar to the Lamborghini Urus.

The company is currently focused on completing development of the 21C, which will be offered in track-focused Black Bird and high-speed V Max versions. It is also focused on supplying parts, not only to automakers like Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz, but also to the aerospace and defense industries, according to the CEO.

Czinger 21C

Like the concept, the production Hyper GT will likely use the same hybrid powertrain as the 21C, though perhaps with output dialed down from the hypercar’s maximum 1,331 hp. The powertrain consists of a bespoke twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V-8 and a trio of electric motors. In the Hyper GT concept, the powertrain was claimed to have a 1,250-hp rating.

The vehicle will also likely use the same 3D-printing production process as the 21C. This does away with tooling, assembly lines, and all the other expensive trappings of traditional automotive manufacturing, allowing for more flexibility. Essentially, all metal parts, including some made from titanium and heat-resistant Inconel, are 3D-printed, while body panels are made from composite materials.

The 3D-printing production process is slow, though. Czinger said it will take around 3,000 hours to build each 21C. As a result, the company will stick to extreme low volumes for each of its vehicles. The 21C, for example, will have a production run of just 80 units.

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