Dentist debunks tooth brushing myth – you shouldn’t brush your teeth twice a day

A dentist shared some advice most people might be overlooking when brushing their teeth, leading to potential issues.

Dr Jonny Stevens, a dentist at Stevens Dental & Ordo, emphasised the importance of looking in the mirror when brushing to ensure an optimal oral hygiene.

He admitted to have been horrified at the number of people who walk away from their mirror while brushing their teeth.

Instead, he strongly advised staying in front of the mirror to ensure all teeth and gums were thoroughly brushed under the lips.

He told “Many of my patients I ask this question to and I’m horrified with the number of people who like to have a nosey in their next door neighbours garden while brushing their teeth.”

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Another important aspect of oral hygiene Dr Stevens brought attention to was flossing, which he recommended to avoid bacteria and plaque build up.

“If you’re not cleaning in between your teeth you’re missing over 30 percent of the tooth’s surface where bacteria and plaque can build up,” he pointed out.

“The new easy way of ensuring you cleaning this unreached area is using a water flosser before brushing morning and night.

“Water flossing is a more effective way of reaching between the teeth and below the gum line to ensure optimum oral health.”

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