Dr Eric Berg shares how to get rid of skin tags and warts overnight

Dr Eric Berg has revealed an effective remedy for skin tags and warts. It tends to work overnight but stubborn skin tags and warts might sometimes take a couple of days or a few weeks to disappear.

However, the doctor noted that the simple solution is guaranteed to cause “significant shrinkage”. While skin tags and warts are benign growths, they annoyingly often pop up in private areas which makes them uncomfortable.

Furthermore, they are often associated with human papillomavirus (HPV), a group of viruses that are drivers for cervical cancer. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Dr Berg said: “It does a very specific thing to your immune system called the natural killer cells. 

“So, you have these natural killer cells that are designed to go after and kill cancer cells as well as certain viruses. And HPV has an evil strategy of weakening your natural killer cells – your defence against viruses and cancer.”

Fortunately, the doctor-approved remedy could also help you significantly increase the potency of the natural killer cells if you add one more ingredient. “It reestablishes the strength of your own body’s immune system which is awesome because there’s virtually no side effects,” he added.

To tackle skin tags and warts, all you need are two ingredients and a cotton bud to apply them over the problematic skin area.

The simple remedy should ensure your skin tags and warts will be “completely gone”.

Dr Berg said: “You’ll take one drop of iodine. I recommend povidone iodine because povidone is pretty safe, it’s very inexpensive. 

“You need to put that in a little dish and then we need to add some garlic. 

“You can either get a garlic crusher or get a couple of spoons to crush the garlic. All you need is one clove.”

After you have prepared the solution, the doctor recommended using a cotton bud to apply some of the medicine over your skin tags or warts. Once you’ve rubbed the area with the solution, you should apply a plaster over it.

“And you are going to repeat this every day until it’s completely gone,” Dr Berg added.

To target HPV, the doctor recommended adding something called Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) into this solution.

“The combination of one drop of iodine and one drop of garlic with AHCC will be a perfect remedy for not just making this go away but getting rid of the deeper root cause,” he added.

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