Explore L.A. through the places that bring it to life

Los Angeles is — depending on who you ask — glitzy, rugged, meditative, frenzied, lonely, connected, old and brand-new.

But we all can agree it’s vast.

So we’re helping break it down for you. “This must be the place” is a series of guides to the many cities, neighborhoods and communities that make L.A., L.A.

These are by no means comprehensive lists but rather highlight reels — the spots are all handpicked by L.A. Times writers who spent months talking to residents, walking the streets and diving into the history of each place. The guides may shift or expand over time, just like the neighborhoods themselves. And some locales may linger outside of technical parameters. Rather than lean into stark definitions, we wanted to celebrate all of the gems — the restaurants, shops, theaters, outdoor spaces, landmarks and more — that make us love where we live.

While this is a small slice of Los Angeles County, we will be adding more guides regularly, so bookmark this page and return often for even more places to discover.

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