Genesis X Snow Speedium hints at cold-weather EV performance

Freezing temperatures are notorious for sapping a battery’s range or slowing its charging time, but Genesis with its latest concept is hinting that future owners of its electric vehicles shouldn’t worry.

The company last week teased a new version of its X series of concepts, the first of which dates back to the original Genesis X coupe concept unveiled in 2021. The latest, dubbed the Genesis X Snow Speedium concept, was designed with cold-weather performance in mind.

A handful of photos of the concept were posted to Genesis’ social media channels together with the message, “Genesis X Snow Speedium concept unveils a blazing symphony of strength and elegance, no matter the temperature.”

Automakers have a number of options for ensuring adequate performance of an EV’s battery in cold weather. These can range from sophisticated thermal management systems to simply having the vehicle owner select an option to precondition the battery prior to charging. It isn’t clear what Genesis has installed on its X Snow Speedium concept.

Genesis X Snow Speedium concept

The latest concept is based on the Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept unveiled in 2022, and visually appears to only differ via a roof rack loaded with skis and integrating a brake light, and additional driving lights integrated with the front fascia. It’s likely the concept’s tires are also designed for driving on snow.

Genesis also presented the X Convertible concept in 2022, as part of the X series of concepts. While the concepts are meant to hint at future design themes for Genesis cars, there are rumors they may also directly preview a new flagship for Genesis.

At the reveal of the X Convertible, Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke said the concepts were developed to refine the design formula for Genesis’ future EVs, but also to see if a business case could be made for a low-volume flagship.

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