Hoka Hiking Boots Are Up To 50% Off At REI

“I was about to buy a similar Salomon boot for about $80 less. I decided to try the Hoka and see if it was worth the $80 bucks more. I put one on each foot and walked around. I took the Salomon off and put the other Hoka on and threw my old boots in the box. Night and day difference.

[…] This is without a doubt the lightest softest boot I’ve walked in. Maybe there is some other brand I have yet to find that is softer or close. This is my first pair of Hoka’s and I’m probably late to the Hoka party and just excited about how soft they are. 🙂 Oh, I also have a titanium rod and screws in my left leg and pretty bad arthritis in my knees and back and neck herniations….lol. Military was hard on my body I guess. So the plush feel is really welcomed. 🙂” — Chris H (This review has been edited for length. Read full review here.)

“Very comfortable, supportive, protective boot! Love the color as well. When these boots go on sale, I usually buy a pair. They provide my much needed ankle support and help to stabilize my gait as I walk over the rough terrain in which I work. I love that they added the extra heel support for this particular style. Great job, HOKA!” — Docacc1

“I was not a Hoka fun until I found these hiking boots. Had tried everything from Moabs and Altras to Salomons but the comfort and sturdyness of these boots is unmatched, specially on the rocky hiking terrain of NY/NJ. A bit steep pricewise but worth every penny. True to size and total comfort right off the box.” — Cova

“I bought this new style of boots. That pair was sooo comfortable that I bought two more. Different colors. I have so much trouble finding boots that work I buy several when I can. I hike 6-10 miles per day.” — Suzanne

“My goal for purchase likely different than most here: in case this is helpful for anyone I’m sharing experience. Lapiplasty surgery 10/22. The surprise was having first metatarsal alignment corrected such that now I need padding in my shoe to make up for what my foot currently lacks (and will hopefully regain over time). I have Hoka running shoes, Altras, Birkenstocks, all helpful- but end of day, slightly limping again (I’m an RN), wearing to work, and dog walking on MI unpaved muddy pathways.Tried several arch supports, helpful, but still difficult at end of day. Finally, able to comfortably walk distance again. I needed ankle support, padding in shoes, as well as the support of the boot. Feel like I’m walking on super soft comfy Cush. Only minor issues getting them on in the AM: positioning tongue under laces,this is not my first choice for a work shoe in a health care setting but you can hose them off end of day: same w the clay, mud, snow slurry that we walk thru. Most I’ve walked is 8 miles easy terrain, so can’t really speak to distance or climbing experience. I tried several other hiking boots at REI and these were my favorite by far. I’ve never spent so much money on a pair of shoes before, relieved they are meeting my needs. Recommended to all healing from bunion surgery!” — Jens (This review has been edited for length. Read full review here.)

“So far , soooo good . I’ve been in workboots my whole career ( 36 years ) and needed a new look and more comfort . I walk alot through job-sites , with clients , and every once in a while get my hands dirty in some light duty things . I’ve been looking at hikers , and I loved the look of these . They look amazing , and feel even better on my feet ! A stable base , excellent traction , and I could wear them all day without fatigue . They’re brand new so I’m not certain on the wear and tear just yet , but seriously ,I dread getting them dirty . The guys keep trying to stamp on the new shoe wearer , but I keep dodging them . ( Contractors will understand )” — Ace

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