Museum Gel: A Home Hack To Keep Fragile Items From Falling

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Museum gel, a clear adhesive putty that keeps delicate items secured on flat surface, has gone viral on TikTok because of how downright useful and versatile it is — and it’s so good at its job, you’ll probably want it in your house.

The glue-like gel was originally designed for use in museums to keep precious pieces safe and upright. Called “magic” and “a miracle product” by Amazon reviewers, it’s worth every penny for household use, and these uses are impressively varied. It helps protect fragile items on shelves and windowsills from active and curious pets, can help baby-proof your home for a young child or grandchild or simply help you out if you’re a bit clumsy yourself and prone to knocking over items on your desk (I admit this is why I’m buying it). It can also help keep items upright during earthquakes, according to the brand and reviewers.

It’s compatible with wood, glass, crystal, metal, aluminum and other polished surfaces, and removes easily without leaving a stain. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect forever spot for your keepsakes — it’s secure, but not permanent. And a little goes a long way; you only need a tiny dot of putty to secure your object, so you get truly impressive value for your money.

In addition to keeping small objects, trinkets and doodads safely put, museum gel is also great at keeping organizer bins secure so you can fill them up without worrying about their contents getting knocked to the ground. It’s also useful for keeping drawer organizers (like these popular plastic bins) still inside your junk drawer or bathroom cabinets, so the bins won’t jostle around every time you open your drawers, and all your items will stay neatly organized.

The gel is best used on flat surfaces, not for hanging items vertically. Amazon reviewers also note that in order for the gel’s infamous hold to kick in, it needs a few hours to set: “It might seem like it’s not working at first,” wrote one Amazon reviewer, “but after it sets it holds great and removes no problem no stain!”

Check out these gushing (and honestly quite funny) Amazon reviews from folks who’ve bought museum gel and loved it:

“Think of this product like a clear version of your ol’ Teacher’s Sticky Tac. Remember that blue stuff from the 80′s? Well, they modernized it & it is Fabulous!!! I secured all of the drawers in my kitchen, my home office, my hubby’s home office & all 3 of my bathrooms!!! SO GLAD I BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT! I also love that is is not a permanent decision when you arrange your drawers. If your needs change, just remove & replace your item.” — prettymissjamie

“I have a large slab acrylic glass on top of my wooden desk at my office that kept sliding around way too easily and has me worried that one day I would slide my computer off and break it. I bought this, followed the simple instructions and it worked BEAUTIFULLY. The acrylic top is completely locked it place on the wood and I feel so much more secure about having more delicate things on my desk. The gel is completely clear and leaves zero residue. One little bottle of this gel can easily be used for every single desk in my office, this stuff is magic!” — Grace Valenzuela

“I have been using this product for years. Recommended by a friend who worked at the Phoebe Hearst Museum, we use it to mount vases, clocks, art objects like statues and model boats, even stand up picture frames. Our cats cannot dislodge any objects which we have secured with this product. We are in an earthquake zone, and keeps your valued items safe when mother earth gets the shakes. A+++ product.” — Al B.

“I got this because I inherited a lot of figurines and have two very active playfight loving dogs. This keeps everything on place even when they bang into the shelves. My mother’s porcelain is safe.” — Alina

When our spicy baby cat needs attention RIGHT NOW – she employs her skills of destruction & mayhem by knocking anything & everything off every surface her lil paws can reach. Typical terror time is around 4:30 am to make sure she gets her 5am breakfast. So unnecessary – that’s where this museum gel proved itself to be a miracle product. She was distraught to realize she could no longer push my fragile vase & perfume bottles , my wife’s glasses holder, ANYTHING to make a commotion alarm. I think she was surprised when she still got her 5am breakfast without setting off her usual crashing banging breaking chain of events. Great product with dozens of uses to discover” — Lexie

“Love this stuff. My 2nd jar. My first was bought in 2006, so that is how far a container will go. When I display my glass or other breakables outside my curio, I use this. Came in very handy when I used to have cats. I am clumsy too, so it keeps me from inadvertently knocking something over.” — MarciaT

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