Nekteck Heated Neck & Shoulder Massager Is On Sale

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After a long day of hunching over at your desk, working on your feet or chasing after kids, you’re probably ready for a massage. With eight deep-kneading nodes, three speed strength levels and bi-directional massage, this soothing heated body massager from Nekteck is the perfect thing. And today, it’s back at its Black Friday price.

With 3.2 million views on TikTok for the hashtag #nekteckmassager, the Nekteck back and shoulder massager is a beloved, easy-to-use body massager that works to get kinks and knots out of your neck, shoulders and lower back. Inspired by the Japanese practice of shiatsu, or “finger pressure” massage, in which bodyworkers primarily use their thumbs, palms and elbows, it’s said to help with soreness and stiffness as well as circulation and cervical fatigue and has adjustable intensity to ensure you’re getting the right pressure.

Warming up to 113 degrees, this massager uses heat to ease tension in your muscles and help you relax after a long day. Reviewers use it all over their bodies, from their neck and shoulders to hamstrings and even feet. The helpful arm slings allow you to put the massager at the perfect angle for your body and to use it while sitting up at a desk or table or lounging in am armchair or couch.

You choose the temperature as well as the speed and direction of the eight nodes to customize your massage experience every time you use it. The machine runs for a 15-minute cycle and will auto shut-off after,to keep it from overheating. It does need to be plugged in, but many reviewers say they like it so much, they don’t really mind.

If you’ve been looking for a universal gift for a friend or family member or just want to treat yourself to a little R&R, grab this viral heated massager while it’s still on sale.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“I purchased this for neck pain that occurs after working on a computer all day. It’s does a great job of massaging and relieving tension. I like the heat feature and the fact that it changes massage patterns as you use it.” — Carol Fordham

“This massager was a game changer for me. I type all day and always have tight shoulders and upper back. This massager not only helps me to feel so much better, but it’s also saving me money from constantly going to get massages. This really does dig deep, depending on the pressure you put and I highly recommend this. Unfortunately it’s not very comfortable on any other part of your body except the shoulds and neck…it hugs them perfectly.” — Liz Chavez

“I like that this massager works on your shoulders and neck. As a person who sits most days at a computer. This is a great gift to myself. You can pull it lower on your shoulder to work lower or higher. It even has a plug in adapter for the car, which is nice because we go Tesla car camping some times. The only thing I would change is if it was able to hold a charge and then be cordless for a period of time, that would be nice.” — Shawna Bethel

“Well, I’ve finally done it, I’ve ensured that I never need a boyfriend again. This thing massages my back without complaining, and I can get a massage for as long as I want. This thing is actually amazing & has relieved my tension and pressure within the first use in a way that I never thought possible. BUY THIS.” — Courtney Jackson

“OMG- this is the best messager ever! It kneads the areas in you neck and back- so soothing. It really get in the areas you need as you can pretty much place the nodules where you need to. Easy to hook up. I love the car adapter so I can use it on long trips. My back issues are so much better! I was very skeptical- but I’m so glad I made this purchase!” — Seannee’ Horton

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