Not To Toot My Own Horn, But I’ve Just Compiled A List Of 30 Of The Best Products You’ve Seen In A While

Popular items from this list:

  • A tin of cocktail sugar or salt so you can create cocktails way more delicious than the boring vodka soda you’d have at a bar

  • A set of legging-organizing hangers perfect for any athleisure lovers whose drawers are bursting at the seams with leggings

  • A skin spatula that can help remove blackheads and other gunk from your pores using high-frequency vibrations

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I Dew Care’s Tap Secret mattifying powder shampoo so you can freshen your hair without showering

Promising review: “I was looking for a dry shampoo that would be easy to use on the go for a trip I was taking. I had no issues taking this through TSA and it was so easy to use on the go. You literally just pat the poof on your scalp and then rub the powder in. I do have black hair so dry shampoo is usually very visible in my hair, but I didn’t have any harder time than usual rubbing this powder in. It did a really good job of soaking up all the oil and giving my hair volume. I’m not a fan of the price for the amount that you get, but it is lasting longer than I thought it would. I would definitely recommend and will purchase again.” — Teresa

Cactus-shaped dryer balls, which are SO dang cute and incredibly helpful for making sure your clothes and bedsheets dry evenly and completely

Reviewers say they actually catch human and pet hair, too!

Promising review: “These cute little waving saguaro cactus dryer balls are perfect. I’ve bought other dryer balls that dried and cracked after a month, these are over three month of heavy use and look as fresh as the day they were delivered on my doorstep. Great value and your clothes will dry faster as well as more efficiently because the saguaros tumble and separate your clothes for more efficiency.” — Christian B Staller


A plant-based jewelry cleaner and brush duo

Shinery is a woman-owned and veteran-operated small business that sells a line of multitasking solutions that clean your jewelry while you wash your hands. This kit includes the Radiance wash solution and a cleaning brush.

Promising review: “I was pretty skeptical about this product, but I did the simple hand wash, and not only was my diamond super sparkly, but my hands were also super smooth. It’s my new ‘must-buy’ for girlfriends.” — Chris Voelker


A beginner-friendly round charcuterie board with a map showing you the best place to set everything to make the ultimate snack board

Sophistiplate is a California-based small business creating dinnerware of all kinds. The brand behind this board partnered with Meg Quinn, a food stylist who helped design the engraved visual guide. Oh, and it’s also one of Oprah’s favorite things this year.

A set of leggings-organizing hangers perfect for any athleisure lovers whose drawers are bursting

A skin spatula that can help remove blackheads and other gunk from your pores using high-frequency vibrations

This has three different functions (cleansing, lifting, and smoothing) and is best to use when your skin is still damp. It may also help your skincare absorb better since your pores won’t be clogged!

Promising review: “I was a little skeptical about purchasing and even using this device but my cousin convinced me otherwise and I’m forever hooked. This spatula is making my skin look clear in a matter of two weeks and I’m grateful. The product itself actually works and does what it says it’s going to do. Will definitely recommend to all my friends and would repurchased if needed.” — Giselle

An interactive dancing cat toy because how can you look at this picture and not laugh?

Promising review: “I’m a new cat mom. I had seen this product recommended several times on Reddit. It was inexpensive, so I thought I’d try it. Princess loves it! It is one of her favorite toys. It’s simple, just some cardboard bits on a wire, but very effective. It mimics the erratic way insects fly around, and she absolutely loves it! So far, it’s been pretty durable, unlike some of her other toys. It’s 100% recyclable and made sustainably. It’s very reasonably priced. I have even bought some to give as Christmas gifts to other cats because it’s been such fun! Definitely recommend!” — H.L.

Hailey Liz Designs/Etsy

A custom “Little Miss/Little Mr.” sticker that allows you to fully express yourself

Hailey Liz Designs is a Virginia-based Etsy shop that specializes in custom stickers.

Promising review: “Absolutely love this! Adorable, great quality and makes me smile.” — yaelmsteiner

A waterproof shower phone holder

This is designed to fit most smartphones, but some reviewers note that they have to remove their phone case to get it to fit (and shut) properly.

Promising review: “I love listening to music in the shower or sometimes also keep watching a show (you know…when you binge…). It’s 100% waterproof. I dunno how it does it but it’s also NOT fogging up inside. You can use the touch screen normally. Also I noticed the box amplifies the volume. After a million hot steamy showers that thang is still hanging on the wall nice and sturdy. Hasn’t ever fallen. YOU HAVE TO GET IT!!!!” — Ariel Montana

A microwave rapid cake maker great for dorms, studio apartments and safer, easier baking with kids

Rapid Brandsis a California-based small business that specializes in dishwasher-safe, microwaveable BPA-free kitchen products.

This gadget just requires half a box of cake mix plus the mix-in ingredients. And since it’s only half the cake mix, you know what that means: You can do it all again tomorrow!

Promising review: “I love this cake maker! It makes just the right size cake for our family of four. They’re not exactly like a cake fresh from the oven, but pretty darn close! My 12-year-old son loves to use it, so much so we make a cake on a weekly basis. Since each cake only requires a half a box of mix, we don’t have to store them for long. I think they taste much better than a mug cake and are almost as easy.” — Clare

A rechargeable heated eye massager to enjoy the relaxing effects of a massage at home

This isn’t your typical eye mask. The device is completely portable and has five massage modes, a 15-minute timer, and built in Bluetooth speakers so you have complete control of what you listen to while you relax and enjoy your heated massage.

Promising review: “I am literally in love with this mask. I am not sure if it’s the pressure, the heat or the music, but I find myself constantly using it. It is so relaxing….Definitely one of the best gadgets I have ever bought.” — Tracy Ruble

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

A cult-favorite popcorn salt so you can create that delicious flavor of movie theater popcorn

Promising review: “I used to use Flavacol during my time working at an amusement park and popping popcorn for hungry guests, so I knew this was what the ‘professionals’ use. I am happy to report that using this does make your popcorn taste like it was just popped at a movie theater. I like to put a little bit of oil on my kernels, mix in some Flavacol, and then add it to the pot of oil on my stove top when it’s hot enough (as opposed to sprinkling it on top of freshly popped corn, which I could see easily accidentally adding too much). It also means that I’m no longer loading up my popcorn with additional toppings like butter or plain salt. Yum!” — Kate R.


The “Ono Roller,” a fidget toy designed to help relieve stress and anxiety while encouraging focus

Ono is a small business specializing in compact, work-friendly fidgets for focus and stress relief.

Promising review: “If you fidget a lot I really really recommend this. It doesn’t get stuck, it’s very loose, so easy to roll, it’s sleek and doesn’t draw attention, it’s small and helps a lot. In my opinion, it’s worth your money. It was made VERY well. Use it at school or work or really anywhere. Overall 11/10!!!” — Kathleen

Jasmin Sandal / BuzzFeed

Alleyoop’s 4-in-1 pen so you can fix your eyeliner, lip liner, brows and highlighter wherever you are without having to bring along full-size products

Alleyoop is a woman-owned business that creates compact beauty products that typically have several functions.

Promising review: “This pen is amazing. I travel a lot for work, and it’s so nice to just have to grab this rather than four different pieces of makeup. The fewer things I have to remember, the better!” — Rachel B.

Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

A pair of glowing lightsaber chopsticks because you still haven’t grown out of playing with your food

Promising review: “The chopsticks are very durable, and the glow is bright. They’re a bit bigger that I expected — but very pleased nonetheless with the product because it serves the purpose and is entertaining for kids, right up to adult Star Wars nerds. It also made the perfect gift for my fellow Star Wars nerds. I’ve been too busy playing with them rather than using them to eat food — but hopefully that will eventually happen before the batteries need changing.” — Anthony


A bottle of pet-friendly flavored bubbles for all of us who get extra joy from our fur babies being happy

Sniffingtons is a South Carolina-based Etsy shop that specializes in enriching products for dogs and cats.

Promising review: “My pup, Toby, is a 2.5-year-old cavalier who loves bubbles. After catching them, he’d often give us an ‘ewww’ look, as they tasted like soap. Until these. He LOVES these bubbles and seems to love the taste of them, too! I will gladly buy these again and continue letting him feed his bubble-obsession in a tasty way! In addition, when I needed help with my order, Ash was so kind and gave me the help I needed! Highly recommend this shop!” — Elizabeth

A magnetic cat AirPod holder, the purrrfect solution to the never-ending question of where you left your earbuds

Promising review: “One of the most useless things I’ve ever bought, and I have ZERO REGRETS. This serves no purpose other than to bring joy and happiness to all.” — Kayla Marie

Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

A yuzu-scented hand soap that pumps out an adorable foamy flower

Promising review: “I saw someone on TikTok with this and did an impulse buy and I love it. You do have to give it a few pumps at the beginning of the first use to get the soap up. But it does make a cute little flower on your hand. Super cute and I love the fact that you can get refills so it’s not a one use kind of deal.” — Christina Hansen

An (actually functional!) Dali-inspired melting clock

Get the required AA battery here.

Promising review: “This is an awesome clock for anyone who loves Dali and surrealist art. It is a great value for the money considering it is super cool and seems to be good quality. The whole clock is encased in a distorted plastic bubble which is very cool. The metallic part is also plastic which is fine. It ticks a bit loudly, but I personally like that, I’m just glad such a cool clock is also fully functional.” — Zach

A bicycle-shaped pizza cutter made with two blades so you actually cut through the full pizza

Soho Kitchen is a small New York City-based business established in 2015 that specializes in quirky pizza products.

Promising review: “My husband loooves pizza and I thought this would be a great gift for him. Both wheels can cut the pizza and it’s very easy to use. It’s also really cute! We keep it displayed in the kitchen when not in use.” — Bia DeBoer

A horse-head squirrel feeder perfect for nature watchers

Promising review: “We have some very obliging squirrels. This is absolutely hilarious! Bought one for my college age nephews, my best friend (and her grandchildren), and my boss. Everyone loves them.” — Nebug


A Stealth core trainer that turns exercise into a game that you actually want to do

Stealth Fitness is a small business that specializes in unique at-home fitness equipment.

Here’s what BuzzFeed Shopping writer Mallory Mower says about this gizmo: “Getting a Stealth board was the very best thing that happened to me during quarantine. Mixing the fun of games on your phone with the natural endorphins you get from exercising is, to put it lightly, genius. I have two in my home, and my husband and I compete daily to see who can last the longest. My favorite game is the paragliding challenge; he’s into the planet-blasting space adventure. Nerd.”

Promising review: “Fantastic purchase to solve the boring plank exercises after a year of doing them. This has a quick, easy, simple hit-it-and-forget-it daily with a game, three minute max, and great results. Much improved core strength, reduce lower back pain, and a high five from my doctor. Highly recommend this for those in need of core build up and help managing the time to fit this into a daily schedule.” — James Corey

A shaker of edible cocktail glitter because why have a normal drink if you cad add a little extra razzle dazzle to it

Bakel is a small business established in 2016 that specializes in edible glitters for food and drink.

Promising review: “Don’t think any further and just buy it. This was so cool and everyone loved it! I got the clear one because it will go with any drink. I will be the one to put this in all my friends drinks. Also had no taste so it was just the look. Sooooooo cool!” — gigi

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

And a tin of cocktail sugar or salt so you can create cocktails way more delicious than the boring vodka soda you’d have at a bar

BuzzFeed Shopping writer Emma Lord has it and says, “I started putting this on my end-of-the-week whiskey drink… and it is SO darn satisfying. I tried the citrus petals version, and it’s got a light lemon, faint floral, and vaguely minty taste with its sweetness that just makes the whole experience a delight and a half. The container it comes in is actually quite wide, so what we did was pour lemon juice on the top half to prep the rim, and a bit of sugar in the bottom half to coat it. In other news, I am officially too fancy to exist.”

Promising review: “This salt was exactly what I expected. It has a hint of spice and citrus but together they make the perfect accessory to your margarita. I looked at several other products but this was the best value for the size and flavors. I would definitely purchase this again.” — Bryan

A super absorbent hybrid scrunchie and towel so you can get the drying effects of a towel without the bulk

Kitsch is an L.A.-based, woman-owned business established in 2010 that specializes in hair accessories.

Promising review: “I ordered this because I was sick of keeping a towel on my head for so long while my hair dried, and if I didn’t have a towel, my shirt was soaking wet from my hair after a shower. For reference, I had very long, thick hair and it takes a while to air-dry — and I’m so happy I found this scrunchie! It’s a lot bigger in person than it looks in the image, which is great because it covers more of your hair to help dry it. No more heavy towels on my head or tight towel wraps.” — Meghan


A blind spot mirror because honestly, why don’t all cars have this?!

Promising review: “I bought these for my mom’s car and mine a while back ago and these little things are great. Since I got my license, I’ve hated merging or switching lanes; I never felt good or safe doing it. Since having these it’s been a blessing, I feel less like a scared new driver. I’m currently encouraging my sister and friends to invest in these too! These are also great for backing up, because you can see exactly how close you are to hitting the car behind, and it’s helpful when I parallel park in the city.” — Mariam Abass

Phone Mount People / Etsy

A phone mount designed to sit on top of your laptop screen so you can easily watch both at the same time

Phone Mount People is a Wisconsin-based Etsy shop established in 2021.

Promising review: “The cellphone holder works great! It’s very sturdy and does exactly what it says it does. It’s helped me a lot during meetings.” — TexasMom3486

Washable, reusable, and cute pet pee pads since potty training is hard

Promising review: “Potty training is hard, and even harder with small dogs. My Cavapoo took right to the pee pad mat and even looks for it now when she has to make a potty. I was shocked how fast she adjusted to it. I was also surprised that when she used it to pee, I could hardly smell her pee. When I used the disposables, holy cow, my room smelled terrible.” — Red

A set of flower hair clips

Check out a TikTok of the flower clips in action.

Promising review: “So different and get a lot of compliments. They keep asking me where I got them. I use it wherever and holds my thick hair with no problem.” — Bellap

A head massager thingy that is going to change your life

BuzzFeed Shopping editor Katy Herman has this and says, “My boyfriend got a two-pack of head massagers like this and gave me one. We now use them on each other constantly and I am eternally grateful. I’m struggling to keep my description of how good it feels family-friendly, so that should give you an idea. It’s awesome when you have a headache or just need to relax. The only downside is it WILL mess up your hair (especially if you have curls or textured hair, reviewers note) and may get caught if your hair is tangled, so use it gently. It’s worth it!”

Promising review: “This was a great purchase. Relieves my headaches. Easy to use!” — elidita luna

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