Save 35% On The Blueair Air Purifier At Amazon Right Now

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An air purifier can be a great investment in the air quality in your home, especially if you suffer from allergies, live in close quarters with a smoker or have poor air quality in your home as a result of smog or wildfire smoke. That said, they are generally pretty pricey, making them cost-prohibitive to many.

If you’ve been eyeing air purifiers but put off by the expense, then you’re in luck, because the ultra-popular BlueAir HEPA air purifier is currently on sale at Amazon, so you can save a whopping 35% on this already pretty reasonably-priced filter.

This small-but-mighty filter has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and hundreds of glowing five-star reviews speaking to filtering prowess. Its compact silhouette makes it ideal for small rooms like a bedroom, nursery or office, clearing the space of a high volume of particles like viruses, smoke, pet dander, pollen, mold and dust along with unpleasant odors from cooking, kitty litter or cigarette smoke.

It has an easy-to-use display, three fan speeds, a quiet night mode and even a child lock so your settings aren’t easily disturbed. It’s also a great option for the aesthetes among us. It has a discreet design that isn’t as garish or bulky as many other air purifiers on the market, and can be tucked into any room without pulling focus or making you feel like a clunky, ugly appliance has taken over visually. There’s nothing better than a home item that looks as good as it works!

HuffPost shopping writer Haley Zovickian owns this HEPA air purifier and loves it. She says, “It helps quickly clear my bedroom air from pet dander, smog and pollen, and I love being able to toggle between its four modes when I need lighter or heavier-duty purifying. It also ‘reads’ the air quality and turns its display different colors to indicate whether your air quality is excellent, good, moderate, polluted or very polluted, an informational feature I appreciate. The deciding factor for me, however, was the affordability of its replacement filters, which make this model a cost-effective option for the long term.”

Take a look at a few rave reviews at Amazon and pick one up for yourself while the savings are still hot. Your lungs may thank you for it.

Quiet as a mouse. For several months we’ve been considering purchasing a BluAir purifier to remove dust, pollen, and pet dander from the air. Three relatives have purchased this purifier and are very satisfied with its performance. We’ve had ours for a couple weeks and run it 24/7. It really has improved the air quality in our home. No more stuffiness or sneezing from pet dander, dust, etc. and it is very quiet as advertised. We set it on auto which is the recommended setting, and have it in our dining/living area. Our 411a Max is a smaller purifier bc our home is around 1,000 sq.ft. Works great! Would definitely recommend.” — M

“Got this purifier for the winter months, and I wish we would have gotten this sooner. It actually works. The entire footprint of this purifier is basically a filter. It’s the largest filter I’ve seen in an air purifier this size. It clears the cooking smells out of the kitchen. I love the way it looks and the Scandi design. The air feels and smells fresher in the house since using this everyday” — Alex Teacher

“Amazing! Love the machine, it’s quiet and looks great in our living room. We have a big space and the air definitely feels a lot fresher. Can’t rave about this enough!” — Mo

“It works. I’ve had this for about a week, and so far it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It DOES improve the quality and smell of the air. It’s quiet except at the highest setting. It is lightweight enough to lift easily. It looks neat and tidy. And the price is very reasonable, rare these days for anything. This is my third air purifer and far and away the best.” — Anonymousreader26

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