Shoaib Malik marries actress Sana Javed amid rumours of divorce with Sania Mirza, netizens react

Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik announced on 20 January that he has tied the knot with Pakistani actress Sana Javed. The news arrived amid rumours of his separation with Indian tennis great Sania Mirza.

Taking to Instagram, Malik captioned a few pictures from his wedding with Sana. “Alhamdullilah. And We created you in pairs,” Malik captioned the post on his social media handles.

Here’s the Instagram post:

Malik’s announcement has taken the internet by storm, as his manager also confirmed the news of marriage to Sana Javed.

Earlier, Sania Mirza had shared a cryptic story on Instagram, captioning the post, saying: “Divorce is hard”. 

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Following the news of separation, people started commenting on Shoaib Malik’s post.

One wrote, “Sania legit opposed her entire nation and married u. People questioned her national commitment and called her names. People spewed hate on her and continue to do so just cause she married. And you cheat on her like this.” The user also shared a photo of Shoaib and Sania’s marriage.

Another wrote, “Shoaib Malik is uneducated. He misinterpreted “pair” as a “pair” of wives.

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