Sunday Funday with Paris Hilton

Of the dozens of Sunday Fundays we’ve published, no celebrity has name-dropped as many sponsorships or brand deals throughout the conversation as effortlessly as Paris Hilton. And that’s to be expected. She is the influencer of all influencers after all.

From her velour, candy-pink Juicy Couture sweatsuits to her army of extravagantly dressed puppies and memorable catchphrases like “That’s hot,” Hilton is the epitome of self-branding. Two decades since her reality TV debut on “The Simple Life” with sidekick Nicole Richie — which made Hilton a household name — people are still fascinated by her glamorous — and sparkly — lifestyle.

In Sunday Funday, L.A. people give us a play-by-play of their ideal Sunday around town. Find ideas and inspiration on where to go, what to eat and how to enjoy life on the weekends.

As a DJ, designer, recording artist, philanthropist and owner of several businesses, Hilton has spent the last several years flying around the world roughly 250 days out of the year. But these days, her life looks much different.

In November 2021, the hotel heiress got married to entrepreneur Carter Reum, and earlier this year, the couple had their first baby, Phoenix, via surrogate — a secret Hilton kept from everyone, including her family, which she opened up about on the latest season of the Peacock show “Paris in Love.” She made headlines again in November when she revealed that she had a baby girl named London via surrogate on Thanksgiving. (We spoke to Hilton before she had London, and at the time, she didn’t mention that she and Reum were expecting.)

“Before Phoenix, I would always be on the road or traveling to a different country and doing performances, appearances, DJing or going somewhere for one of my product launches,” she said, adding that she rarely had weekends off. “Now I told my team, it’s really important that I have weekends with my family.”

With the second season of “Paris in Love” now streaming, Hilton is excited to continue revealing behind-the-curtain moments of her new family life.

“It’s exciting to show my fans me going into this next phase of life and becoming a mom,” said Hilton, whose revelatory memoir about her complicated past was published in March. “It’s like watching the ultimate home videos.”

From having a poolside lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel with her family to shopping at Westfield Century City mall, where she’s been going since she was a teen, here’s how she’d spend the perfect day in Los Angeles. This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for length and clarity.

9 a.m.: Wake up and cook breakfast

I will get up around 9 a.m. and check my work emails, drink some tea and then go walk my puppies outside and feed them. Then I’ll start making breakfast for Carter and Phoenix with my new cookware line. I love to make French toast with Frosted Flakes on top, so it’s like crunchy French toast, and I love to make egg frittatas, banana pancakes, fresh-squeezed orange juice and cereal. I also like butter and strawberry jelly on toast, then sometimes toasted bagels with strawberry cream cheese, which I’m like obsessed with.

10 a.m.: Shopping with the family

I will give Phoenix a bath and get him dressed for a Sunday family outing. We love going to the English Rabbit in Beverly Hills. It’s this really cute store that has the most adorable clothes and toys. I love to walk around there. Then we’ll go to [Westfield] Century City mall. I like the Marc Jacobs store there and just seeing all the new collections that are coming out.

12:30 p.m.: Poolside lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Photo illustration of a polaroid image of a woman in pink clothes with shapes around the frame: a flower, dots and squiggles

(Los Angeles Times photo illustration; photo from Paris Hilton)

We usually will go to Beverly Hills Hotel for lunch out by the pool. I love it there. I’ve been going since I was a little girl. And when the weather is beautiful, it’s just so nice to be outside. And we bring Phoenix, and he sits in the booth with us in his little baby carrier. We’ll have a nice family lunch together. I love the McCarthy salad — that’s like one of my favorites that I’ve been having there my whole life. And I love their orange frozen Julius drink — it’s just like frozen orange juice. It’s so good. And I love their chicken salad sandwiches on toasted wheat bread. That’s usually what I have every time I go there.

1:30 p.m.: Music class with Phoenix

Then we’ll go back home for Phoenix’s music classes, which he has a couple of times a week. He has sensory, music and art classes, so we’ll do that as well as painting. He’s been doing them since he was like 5 or 6 months old.

2:30 p.m.: Playtime with Phoenix and our puppies

The class is like an hour, and then I’ll just hang out with Phoenix and read to him because he loves when I read him books and play with him. He has all of his different toys and he loves playing with puppies. He loves animals just like me. So we’ll lay in his playroom, and I’ll read to him with the puppies there. Sundays are usually the only day that I have off, so I just want to make sure that I can spend as much time with my baby as possible.

3:30 p.m.: Indulge in the Living Spa with my husband

I’ll go downstairs with Carter. We built this wellness center at our house called the Living Spa, and [that’s where] we do our wellness day. We have like this giant hyperbaric chamber that looks like a spaceship. It’s wrapped in a holographic iridescent, beautiful mermaid, unicorn color — the same as my car. We bring pillows and blankets and lay in there, and I’ll bring my iPad and just do my work. Carter will have his computer and he’ll do his work. Or if we want to relax, we’ll just turn on a TV show and watch it in there. We’re in there for like 45 minutes, and then we’ll go into our cryotherapy machine. It’s from this company called Cryo Built — it’s like this giant cryo machine that is also wrapped in the holographic like my car. It’s really cool. We’ll go in there for like 2½ minutes. It’s really freezing but it’s so good for you.

Photo illustration of a polaroid image of a woman and man posing in formal clothes with shapes around: bolt, circle and arcs

(Los Angeles Times photo illustration; photo from Paris Hilton)

Then we have this LED light bed that you lay under for red light therapy. I’ll lay in there for like 20 minutes, and then we’ll switch over. Then I’ll go to the Omnilux light, which is like this big professional grade light — it’s like another LED red light therapy. It’s amazing for building collagen and just making your skin perfect.

Sometimes we’ll have my facial people come over and use our Hydrafacial machine, and I’ll get a facial while I’m doing my work. I’m always trying to multitask and do much as possible at once.

5:30 p.m.: Order takeout from Mr Chow

I’ll start ordering a family dinner and making Phoenix’s dinner because he obviously doesn’t eat real food yet. So I’ll start pureeing all of the different vegetables and fruits for his [dinner] and feeding him. Then I love to order on Postmates from Mr Chow — that’s like one of my favorites. I love the chicken satay. The peanut sauce is so insane. I love squab [with lettuce] and the lobster as well as the fried rice, green shrimp and crispy beef. We love Mr Chow.

6:30 p.m.: Bedtime stories

While we’re waiting for the food, I’ll go upstairs and do bedtime stories with Phoenix and get him ready for bed because he falls asleep before 7 p.m. He will be gone for the night because he’s on a really amazing sleep schedule, so he’ll sleep from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., which is really nice.

7 p.m.: Prep for work week

When he goes to sleep, I will start preparing for my week ahead with work. I’ll have a call with Bruce Gersh. He’s the president of my media company, 11:11 Media. We’ll just go over what’s happening for the week whether it’s photo shoots or if I’m going to be going to the recording studio to record my second album or just getting ready for all of the launches for all of my exciting projects that I have coming up like the new season of my TV show, “Paris in Love” Season 2, which [premiered] on Nov. 30 on Peacock. And then just going over anything that’s happening like my new skincare line that I’m developing and my new clothing line. … Also, just going over all of the offers that are coming in because every week I’m getting so many offers and just trying to decide which ones I want to do and which ones I won’t have time for.

8 p.m.: Martinis and “The Simple Life”

Then from like 8 to 11 p.m., I’ll just be hanging with Carter, and we’ll have our mommy and dad time together and just talk about the weekend, about the baby, about upcoming trips for the holidays. Also, we like to have a Grey Goose martini, while watching [reruns of] “The Simple Life.” It’s nice after having a busy week just to top the week off with a good martini, and my go-to order has always been Grey Goose martini. I actually partnered with the brand to be their creative director of martinis, so I’m working on their newly launched ready-to-serve bottled martini. It’s called the Grey Goose classic martini cocktail. I love that it’s already bottled and made so you literally just shake or stir and pour it over ice and enjoy. And you get to be your own bartender for a Sunday night.

11 p.m.: Get ready for bed

We’ll just relax, then go to bed and get ready for a busy Monday.

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