The Best Automatic Rice Cookers For Effortless Rice

One of the most recommended rice makers on this list, the Zojirushi is a Japanese-crafted gadget outfitted with tons of useful features and a trusted reputation for making delicious, fluffy rice and other dishes. Previously recommended by Taka Sakaeda, chef-partner of Japanese restaurant Nami Nori in New York, and Marcus, this splurge-worthy appliance uses fuzzy logic technology — a computerized system that essentially allows the cooker to intuitively adjust cooking times and temperatures based on the type of rice and current level of moisture. It also has several different cooking settings, including a function specifically for brown rice, steaming vegetables and even cake-making.

“I love everything Zojirushi makes,” Marcus said in past coverage. “Their rice cookers are all really beautiful and efficient, with many affordable options. This version is great for all kinds of grains, and the steaming function is a bonus — it’s great when a kitchen appliance can multitask. The 5.5-cup volume cooker makes the perfect amount for day-of meal prep for my family of four, with occasional leftovers for other meals during the week.”

Promising Amazon review: “I’ve been cooking rice and various grains in a pot on the stove forever. Recently I had several surprisingly bad attempts at cooking white rice — for the life of me I don’t know what I did wrong. I ended up looking up pressure cookers even though I didn’t want one, and eventually stumbled into the world of rice cookers. I didn’t want one of those either. I would rather have less specialty appliances than more. But as I read and learned the history of rice cookers (GOOD ones, just not every 20 dollar attempt at one) I understood why people got them. Then I read about various models, what they did well, how they worked, and decided on this one.

I immediately put in a cup of the same white rice I messed up twice recently, rinsed it 3 times, filled it with water to the white rice 1 cup water line, and pressed Start. It came out perfectly. Better than I’ve ever made it on my own. It’s been maybe 3 weeks now. I’ve had whatever white rice I first put in it, white basmati rice, jasmine rice and now brown basmati rice, even though I’ve never liked brown rice much. Now I’ve had brown rice at least 10 times, and I seriously love it. I made barley in it – filled to the brown rice water line – and that turned out great.

Regarding warming, it’s crazy how good the rice tastes even 2-3 days after it first cooked. It doesn’t use much electricity for this feature (I believe I read approximately the amount of a 35W lightbulb, which means it’s quite low). The cooker is quiet, and when just in warm mode is not too hot to touch. When it’s cooking the rice, it’s also fine to touch anywhere except near the steam vent.” Melissa M. (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review.)

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