The Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum Is 50% On Amazon

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You know what beats the maid-like convenience of an automatic vacuum cleaner? An automatic vacuum cleaner with voice control. If you’ve ever wanted to try the set-and-forget ease of a robot cleaner, now’s your chance — Amazon currently has a Shark AI Ultra robot vacuum, with a 60-day capacity self-emptying base, at a whopping 50% off. That takes the price of what one reviewer calls the “best purchase for our home so far” from $599 to only $299.

This Shark robot simplifies floor maintenance with hands-free operation by scheduling cleaning cycles via an app or connecting it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. Once turned on, it’ll roll along your hardwood or carpeted floor and suck up debris before automatically docking itself to its base and emptying its innards so you don’t have to. The base has a filtered tank designed to hold up to 60 days of floor debris accumulated from daily cleaning, and it also charges the robot to full capacity between uses, ensuring it won’t just die while cleaning your living space.

Several reviewers say it’s also fantastic for pet dander and hair. “It literally cleans about 95% of your floors,” says reviewer Scott McDowell. “Hair is not a problem, tangling on the roller is not a problem, larger debris is generally not a problem.”

“We have four cats and run the robot every other, if not every, day.” says Cher B. “I still run our large vacuum (less frequently) and have noticed a decrease in cat hair collected so I would say the robot definitely helps.”

If you want painless cleaning without pushing a vacuum around yourself, jump on this deal — and fast, because we’re not sure how long this 50% off deal will last.

Read on for more promising reviews of this voice control automatic Shark robot vacuum:

Still going strong and still highly recommend for those with mostly hard wood floors or linoleum. In fact, I recommended it to my mom and dad and now they have one and love it. We did finally get to test it with some serious dog hair. We had an Australian Shepard (which has super thick and clingy fur) and another dog that visited for several days. Both are extremely active and were all over our floors and our one carpet area. They left a ton of fur and it did take 3 or 4 cleanings to get up about 80% of the hair. Whatever was left over was bunched up on the carpet and was easily removable thanks to shark. Just be prepared to wait a few days for the fur to be cleaned up in the carpet. If it’s hardwood then it is cleaned up instantly.” — Scott McDowell (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review here.)

“I managed to score this on sale and I am so happy I did! Easy to set up, app is easy to use and it is so nice to come home every day to a floor that doesn’t have dirt and dust layered on it. Our flooring has no carpet, in the main area of the house, so we just make sure nothing is left for it to get stuck on and it gets cleaned every day of the week. No issues with it not being to register obstructions. Initial mapping sequence took about 45 minutes and daily cleaning takes about the same. Setting up individual rooms in the app is easy and designating areas that are off-limits works fine. Still trying to figure out the commands for Alexa to be able to do everything but so far basic commands of telling it to clean and the return to the dock work fine. Really happy with this purchase.” — Jennifer G.

I held off buying one of these for a long time. My son bought one and bragged on it so I decided to go for it. Best thing ever!!!! I was even able to download the app, get it set up, got the house mapped and got a schedule made. I run it every other day and you cannot believe how much dust and dog hair you get every other day. I highly recommend!!! I may get one for my upstairs…” — Eggbert

This vacuum is great if you have back trouble. You don’t have to get all the way down on the floor to empty the canister. There is a button at the top of the handle that disconnects it from the base of the docking station, so you can empty it much easier than if you had to bend all the way over to pick up the robot unit. The robot itself is not very heavy, but it is pretty low to the floor. I’m glad I won’t have to mess with it very often.” — smartypants (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review here.)

Getting under beds was a major concern for me. My house is very dusty from being close to 3 major highways and a mile from a major international airport. The daily vacuum prevents dust buildup and helps to keep my house cleaner and with a lot less dusting needed throughout the house. I am disabled and appreciate having a resource that will do these tasks. I use the daily scheduling but don’t talk to the vacuum. It empties regularly on its own so that is a bonus. The main compartment will hold a lot of dust. It won’t last 2 months with my excessive dust but it is easy to empty the bin. Connectivity has been lost a few times but it doesn’t seem to be a regular problem and has not stopped [my robot] from doing her job. The app for [my robot] is easy to use and helps to keep track of your vacuuming results. It takes about 90 minutes to vacuum my small 3 bedroom house. Halfway through her task she returns to base to empty. She is usually about 15% battery when she returns to recharge. After she recharges there is usually about 6 more minutes of vacuuming to finish up and she does that once she is fully charged about 2 1/2 hours later.” — M Chin

I really like our robot vacuum! I had to delete the first map it created because it left off a room and a half. Since then the map has been complete. I do wish I could create smaller no-go zones via the map. It sometimes gets stuck between cabinet legs but the space is too small to designate as a no-go on the app and with the strips (manual days minimum of 18”). I’ll have to find something to block that particular area, which isn’t a huge problem.

We have four cats and run the robot every other, if not every, day. I still run our large vacuum (less frequently) and have noticed a decrease in cat hair collected so I would say the robot definitely helps.” — Cher B

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