This Walmart Accent Chair Looks Like It Came From 1stDibs

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As parents of a preschooler, my husband and I have slowly but surely let our main gathering space become overrun with various toys (dollhouse, play kitchen, balance bike, and whatever else manages to find its way out of her bedroom on a daily basis). And since we outnumber our child 2:1, we’d like it to look like grownups live here, too.

Beyond finding more appropriate homes for our daughter’s favorite conversation pieces, I also want to zhuzh up the space a little bit. I’ve always had a penchant for velvet; and, since we’ll have significantly more room for seating once the large-footprint toys are gone, I’m opting for a velvet accent chair.

I’m also a realist: We have a 3-year-old and a dog — both of whom love to climb on furniture — so I’m definitely not in the market for anything too precious. Striking a balance between visual appeal and I-won’t-freak-out-if-it-gets-spilled-on affordability is key. And this lovely little number from Walmart does exactly that.

While it looks like something that you might find on a high-end resale website like 1stDibs, it’s fortunately available with just a few clicks on Walmart’s website. And though I did come across several equally attractive options on my hunt (if budget and/or children and pets aren’t your concern, you can find some nice options here, here, and here), those (much) pricier options didn’t cut it — Walmart’s option is just $238, which means I definitely won’t be panicking if (when) some grubby little hands and/or paws get at it.

Covered from top to bottom in my material of choice (velvet, in case you forgot), it has a chic, mid-century modern profile that I was honestly surprised to find at a big-box retailer. And the color options are nothing to scoff at: I’m opting for the ochre, but you can’t go wrong with the rustic red (or the cream — if you prefer a linen look to velvet). It’s filled with durable synthetic batting and super-supportive high-density foam.

Scroll down to grab it before the rest of internet gets wise to this hidden gem of chair.

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