This Waterpik Flosser Is 40% Off Right Now

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Considered by many people to be the gold standard in water flossers, the Waterpik Aquarius is a compact countertop system that features enhanced pressure with 10 cleaning settings and a 360-degree rotating tip that ensures the pressurized water reaches all surfaces of the teeth. It’s available in black, gray, blue and white.

It uses a pulse-modulation technology for maximum plaque removal and has a hydro-pulse massage mode to help stimulate your gums and improve circulation. It also comes with a whopping tips so multiple family members can use it, or single users can enjoy various styles.

Check out what some Amazon customers have to say in these promising reviews:

“This little appliance is great! I was going to the dentist for my yearly check up and found I had some dental problems. I bought this and it changed everything for me. I now have healthier gums and my dentist is amazed at how much of an improvement my gums have made. This thing gets all the stuff out of my teeth that I have been missing. I highly recommend it to everyone!!!! Worth the investment on your dental health.” — I Am KW

“I was skeptical about buying this but I’m very happy with my decision – it’s one of those things that actually does what it claims to do. I bought the counter top style because we don’t travel that much anymore so I can’t answer the question for ‘traveling’ or Portability. I can say it’s worth the money and much less expensive than the one my dentist tried to get me to buy from him. When I use it (before brushing) I can see particles of food going into the sink and my teeth feel very clean. By the time it is finished pulsing, I’m ready to brush and I don’t feel I have to floss nearly as much (if any) after using it. I talked to one dentist who said there’s really no need to floss if you put it on a high enough setting – I’m up to 9. I know some people might not be able to stand it that high (it goes up to 10) so I’m speaking for myself (I’m 73 years old) and not giving any kind of advice; just what works for me. The directions are simple and it doesn’t take up that much space on the counter top. I would recommend this to anyone because it’s been a great experience for me.” — Bev Withrow

“I bought this Waterpik because my wisdom teeth are coming in and they are difficult to clean. This water flosser works perfect for getting those stubborn chunks stuck back there! I like how the device looks on the countertop, it’s small enough to fit nicely in the corner and have enough room for decor. I wouldn’t recommend this for travel though as it could be a bit bulky, a handheld may be a better choice. The cord tucks away easily and keeps the counter looking tidy. It also came with an assortment of attachments, my favorite is the toothbrush for maximum removal. I see a lot of complaints that the device is too loud, but it’s to be expected for the amount of power this has. It’s like a mini pressure washer!” — April Cody

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