Unlocking the heart: 8 signs you might be struggling to receive love

Don’t we all want love? Surprisingly, accepting it isn’t always easy. Although we’re more than happy to show affection to others, the thought of being loved and cherished actually causes many of us difficulty. The thing is, it may not be as easy as you think. Receiving love and making deep connections is an essential parts of our wellbeing, but occasionally we may find that we are unable to accept the love that others offer us. You may not be aware of it, but you may be more receptive to love than you think. Let’s explore the possible barriers and learn how to let the love around you enter your heart.

Love, a force that enriches our lives and connects us, is often hindered by subtle barriers we may not even be aware of. (Unsplash)

Clinton Power, Relationship counsellor and marriage therapist shared in his recent Instagram post eight subtle signs that might indicate you are facing challenges in accepting love into your life. (Also read: The exhausting effects of blame in relationships )

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Subtle Signs of Difficulty in Accepting Love

1) Dismissing affectionate gestures

You might find yourself shrugging off or downplaying affectionate gestures from your partner, viewing them as unnecessary or over-the-top.

2) Doubting your partner’s intentions

If you often question why your partner is doing something nice for you or doubt their sincerity, it might be a sign you’re struggling to accept their love.

3) Feeling uncomfortable with compliments

Compliments from your partner might make you feel awkward or uncomfortable, and you might have a tendency to deflect or reject them.

4) Avoiding emotional intimacy

You may shy away from deep emotional conversations, avoiding topics that require you to open up and be vulnerable.

5) Reluctance to rely on your partner

Even in times of need, you might hesitate to depend on your partner, feeling you must handle everything independently.

7) Feeling unworthy of love

Deep down, you might feel like you don’t deserve the love and care your partner is offering.

8) Subconsciously sabotaging your relationship

Engaging in behaviours that push your partner away can be a defence mechanism if you’re uncomfortable with receiving love.

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