Urge Wisconsin Officials to Help a Downed Horse!

PETA has just been alerted to the plight of a horse who has reportedly been downed and unable to get up for at least four days in Richland Center, Wisconsin. Horrifically, when we called the local sheriff’s office to report the situation, we were told that that the situation was known and that the animal was being provided with food and water—so things have been “handled.” The horse appears to be suffering greatly and—based on the following video—appears to require immediate veterinary attention.

Video footage reportedly recorded earlier today, January 26

Sadly, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department hung up on us when we called to encourage it to mandate that the owner secure veterinary care. Now it’s your turn to make sure the department acts swiftly to help this horse. Please politely call and e-mail the following department contacts to demand that they help this animal today. Again, please keep all correspondence polite, as negative comments will work against our efforts.

Richland County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Clay Porter
[email protected]

Chief Deputy Aaron Wallace
[email protected]

Lieutenant Mike Czys
[email protected]

Administrative Office

Then please share this alert with everyone you know!

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