What Does a Bulldog Skull Look Like?

Why do bulldogs, boxers, pugs, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and other flat-faced dogs struggle to breathe? Breathing-impaired breeds (BIB) have been intentionally bred to have deformed skulls and unnaturally flattened faces, which prevents them from breathing properly. But what does a bulldog skull look like? Is it really that different from those of dogs who aren’t BIBs? See for yourself:

BIBs typically suffer from brachycephalic airway syndrome, with symptoms ranging from snorting to severe, life-threatening difficulty breathing. Many breathing-impaired breeds can’t go for a walk or chase a ball—activities that make dogs’ lives joyful and fulfilling—without gasping for air.

Buying a Dog, BIB or Not, Is Flat Out Cruel

Despite their known health issues, BIBs are sold for thousands of dollars by breeders and pet stores. As revealed in footage captured by a PETA investigator, shops that sell these dogs know not to offer a “lifetime warranty” on them due to their health issues. Most pet stores that sell puppies, no matter the breed, obtain them from puppy mills, hellish mass-breeding facilities where dogs are typically forced to live in cramped, squalid conditions with minimal—if any—veterinary care or social interaction.

In light of all the suffering caused by breeding dogs to have flat faces, why do breeders keep doing it? Because people keep buying them. The breeding industry is a big greedy business, and if there is money to be made by breeding and selling dogs, breeders will continue to produce more—regardless of how much suffering they cause.

The solution is simple: Stop breeding and buying bulldogs, other BIBs, and all other dogs. All “purebreds” (flat-faced or not) suffer from congenital and often painful health conditions. If you have the time, money, patience, and love to care for an animal for life (which could mean more than 15 years), please adopt one from an animal shelter. If you already have a BIB, please commit to making their life as fulfilling, healthy, and comfortable as you can—but pledge never to buy another one.

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