46 Things That’ll Help Revive Almost Everything In Your Home

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Cushion supports so you can turn back time on your slouchy sofa

It’s basically a piece of thick foam that you insert into the bottom of each cushion to plump up all the other layers, and a piece of thin foam that goes near the back of the cushion for extra support. Your couch will feel equally comfy but look brand new.

Promising review: “The sofas are sturdy and only three years old but several cushions were sagging. I ordered two of the large size for our live seat to try them out. I easily cut an inch off to have it fit with an Exacto knife. Easy to slide in, easy to close with my husbands help. The difference when sitting on the sofa is amazing. Firm and they feel like new cushions. I just ordered three more for the large sofa.” — doris

A battery-powered fabric shaver to fix those pesky little pills

And it works on sweaters and clothes, too, of course!

Promising review: “I bought this on a whim in last attempts to save my favorite duvet cover. The pills had gotten to the point where it was seriously uncomfortable to sleep with them getting all up in my leg space. I thought I was going to have to get a new duvet cover entirely. Along came this li’l baby. Not only is my duvet cover basically brand new, but I have found a new hobby. I’m depilling everything. Sweatshirts, leggings, blankets, socks, anything that looks like it needs some love. It does the job quickly and leaves everything looking fresh.” — Dena Jensen

BuzzFeed / Maitland Quitmeyer

Or a pill-removing stone to keep your favorite furniture, blankets and clothes looking new for years

BuzzFeed Shopping editor Maitland Quitmeyer swears by hers! She writes: “Like many of you, I’ve been living in sweats and PJs during this year+ of WFH full time. And it’s made me revisit the state of some of my loungewear. Take, for example, this college sweatshirt I wear all the time, as evidenced by the rather EXTENSIVE pilling all over it. So when I saw this pumice-esque sweater stone (it’s made from upcycled car windshield glass — how cool is that?!), I decided it was worth the try… I was able to navigate around the contours of the logo on my sweatshirt with ease, removing pills using the corner or the entire flat bottom in a few quick strokes.It truly took no time at all — the sweatshirt was done in mere minutes. The only thing I would note is that particles do ‘fall out’ of the stone, so do your pill removing on a surface that’s easy to sweep or vacuum up at the end.”


Or a set of four velvet pillow covers if your current ones are beyond saving

They’re available in eight sizes and ten color combos.

Promising review:

“Love, love, love these soft velvet pillows! The velvet is very smooth and even and doesn’t look sparse or cheap at all. They feel expensive and look like high-quality pillows. I also love the soft colors with contrasting trim, it’s very whimsical and cute. And the cats’ hair doesn’t clinging to the pillows so that’s an added bonus. Overall very happy with my purchase!” — NG2

Two cans of Bar Keepers Friend powder cleanser to scrub off even the most impossible stains

Promising review: “Way before getting new plates, bowls, pots and pans you should try this stuff. My wife got it on a recommendation to keep some All-Clad pans looking good (we spent enough on them!). About 20 minutes and a fair amount of scrubbing later and everything is looking brand new. I used them on some Ikea ceramic bowls too, that had tons of knife and fork marks, and those look great as well. One can was enough to clean everything in our pantry (6 settings of plates/bowls/salad bowls) and our entire pot and pan collection.” — C

And a pair of Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleansers that eliminate the built-up residue on shower doors and the burnt-on grime on glass cooktop stoves

Promising review:Like a hot knife through butter for built-up hard water stains on my glass shower doors. I’ve tried everything and this stuff worked in two minutes. Made me a little embarrassed it took so long to find something so effective. I haven’t tried it on anything else yet but I guarantee I’ll be reordering just to have extra. Just can’t have enough of a good thing.” — Ron

Or three drill brushes that’ll transform just about any grimy surface without hard scrubbing on your part

Just make sure to use them only on surfaces you’re pretty sure they won’t scratch! You can alway test in a discreet area first to be sure.

Promising review: “Seriously, I have never wanted to clean our toilets as much as I do now. These little brushes have gotten off years of stains and water scum from our glass shower doors in just a few minutes. I would have never been able to get them even a fraction as clean by hand. We had stains in the toilets from our well water that I thought were permanent. Turns out that they were easily erased with this handy little brush. Our grout is sparkling again and my husband thinks I have lost my mind with the drill. I have actually been walking around the house looking for things to clean with this. They even cleaned our birdcages immediately with just water and no chemicals at all. What a great Amazon find!!” — Happy Yogi

A no-odor mold and mildew remover gel that sticks to your grout and caulking to do its job

You do have to let it sit for four to five hours (or even overnight), but the results, as proven by the review photos like the one here, are worth it.

Promising review: “I’m very happy! I applied it this morning and by noon you could see the difference. The caulking around the tub is so white just like I just resealed it. I’ve tried other bleaching products like Kaboom and Clorox with less than similar outcomes. The biggest difference was the mold spots behind our shower products. Those have been an eyesore for so long and now they’re gone. My only regret is I didn’t do a before and after photo.” — CButin

A powerful no-rinse stain remover that can conquer many of the seemingly impossible messes you throw at it

Simply spritz it on, wait a second, then blot it up to see most stains truly vanish like magic. It claims to work on both old and new stains (including red wine!), and on any color-safe fabric that you can safely wet with water (read: not dyed silk or wool, probs, or anything that says “dry-clean only”).

Promising review: “I had terrible rust and oil stains all over the seats of my car. I tried other cleaners to get them out, but they actually made the stains darker. I took it to the dealership to see if they could get it out and they flat out told me no, so I gave up and lived with it for almost five years. Then I tried this after it was recommended by a friend. I sprayed it on and literally watched the stain run right off my seat. It was amazing! I thought I was going to have to pay hundreds of dollars to replace the seats in my car because nothing else would work. This stuff really is awesome!” — Brittany

And a leather stain remover spray

This also works on Durablend, vinyl, compound, saffiano, faux leather and other leather or leather-like surfaces.

Promising review: “Used the microfiber cloth to apply and after the first treatment noted only mild improvement, but after the second treatment (done just after the first treatment dried), the stain was not visible!! I then did the entire chair and the results are great. Advice: Do not scrub the area hard. This may roughen up the leather. Apply lightly and wipe off with another microfiber towel.” — mich

And a leather recoloring balm so you can spend many more years reading in your favorite chair

Just rub it right into your leather. It can even help minimize the look of cat scratches, depending on how bad they are. Note that it’s very important to test to see if it will work with your particular leather, because it’s for absorbent leather only — you simply put a drop of water on your leather and see if it soaks in. If it does, this product works! (Here’s a video; skip to 0:42.)

Promising review: “Can I give it TEN stars? My hubby was ready to get rid of the set. It’s SUCH a comfortable set, and well-built… scale was just right for our new home… I couldn’t let that happen! I had cleaned the chair with a tiny amount of mild dish soap and water previous to the stain’s arrival. I threw on some latex gloves, dipped my fingers into the gel, and started massaging it into the leather. Results were immediate and impressive!! AMAZING!!” — Muysson


A cute little bear to keep your brown sugar perfectly soft and moist for ages

Both my mom and I have used these for years, and they actually do work! Some reviewers mention you can put it with cookies or bread to keep those soft, too. Just soak it in water for 20 minutes, dry the outside of it thoroughly, and put in your brown sugar bag.

Promising review: “I was skeptical, but this bear is magical. I have brown sugar in a glass canister and I was about to throw the whole container out. The sugar was unbreakable (I think my boyfriend was putting his wet spoon in it too…) I came across this bear and I thought it wasn’t real. I read some reviews and decided to give it a try. I put the bear in the canister and reluctantly walked away. The next day I was pleasantly surprised to find REVIVED and soft brown sugar!! Great buy!” — S.G.

A bag of polyester stuffing to give new life to your kiddo’s favorite stuffed toys (or throw pillows that have seen better days)

Promising review: “The pillow insert in the pillow cover was just not fluffy enough. I used this stuff and it perked it right up! Love how it turned out.” — Ashley

An all-in-one wood cleanser and polish to transform water-, heat- or pet-damaged furniture

It works on both finished and natural woods, including wood floors. (If you’re facing much damage that’s even worse, you might want to try their other product, Restore-A-Finish, first; it does more to hide minor scratches, white heat rings, deep water marks and the like. The two products are actually made to be used together! Get it on Amazon for $9.66.)

Promising review: “Our paneling and cabinets were looking rough. We have two dogs that jumped up and scratched places, we also had an area that was damaged by water spots where our dog bowls were, and several other areas that were just worn from heavy traffic. This stuff was like a magic eraser for water spots, scratches, scuffs, and any other blemish. We simply wiped the product on with a paper towel and let is sit for 20 minutes before wiping it off with a clean towel. Everything looks brand new. I’m buying a couple more so we can finish our cabinets and wood paneling. We’re so glad we found this product.” — Kris

Or if your damage is more minimal, a set of furniture repair markers and wax sticks

They’re designed for smaller scratches on wood furniture, wood laminate furniture (yes, that means stuff from Ikea!) and wood or wood-like floors. The kit includes both markers and wax sticks in six colors: maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany and black. The sharpener for the wax sticks is included, too.

Promising review: “Better than expected. Blends perfectly and leaves a beautiful sheen. Used them on different shades of wood cherry, oak, and mahogany. I blended several shades of markers on each piece. Blended easily and matched perfectly to the different shades of woods. Used on claw foot dining table, Chippendale chair legs, grandfather clock, china cabinet. All look sensational. Covered sweeper scuffs well. They look new now, not touched up. These stain quickly so wear disposable gloves and cover floors where you are working. Excellent results.” — PhoebeS

A squeegee broom so you can extract years worth of embedded pet hair from your carpet and rugs

It features rubber bristles along one edge, and if you flip it, a wide rubber squeegee on the other. Some reviewers find the squeegee side is more effective on carpet than the bristles, so could be worth a try! Oh, and the handle telescopes 36–60 inches, so you can store it easily but also use it to squeegee high windows.

Promising review: “1,000% worth it! Ya’ll. I read about this on BuzzFeed and had it on my wish list for a few weeks. When our 9-month-old black Lab came back from the trainer, I knew it was time to get something to help the mountains of hair. I got this in today and tried it out. I didn’t think it would get much, I swept last night. Oh my lawrd. The hair it picked up was ridiculous! If you have pets and hardwood floors, you need this. Life changing! So glad I bought this!” — Katherine Burch


A mini white noise machine with nonlooping audio so you can get a good night’s sleep

It has 10 fan sound options, 10 ambient noise options and two ocean sounds, and is small and compact.

Promising review: “This is so freaking great. I’ve been using white noise machines for years and years but ended up finding this through BuzzFeed. My old machine had looping audio and I hated it, so the fact that this is nonlooping is everything. It’s also very sleek and modern. I live in downtown Boston with construction sites literally boxing me in my building with noise nearly 24/7 between that and cops/fire trucks. This knocks out the noise and allows me to sleep or nap at any time of day without hearing anything.” — ML

A six-pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets that work on lime scale and mineral buildup

Promising review: “Works really well! It’s easy to use, can be done with or without dishes in there. It REALLY helped clean the dishwasher and now I use one each month as suggested to keep it clean. The glasses don’t have that “film” anymore (and I always used a rinse agent too, but we have a lot of lime in our water). I feel like the dishwasher is working better too, not that it had any problems before but it seems quieter now. I’m very satisfied with these.” — BH

A bottle of makeup brush and sponge shampoo

It’ll reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria that tend to accumulate on makeup tools over time. (Oh, and it’s cruelty-free.)

Promising reviews: “I clean my brushes every so often (not as often as I should) and I have NEVER gotten this much gunk out of my brushes with regular soap. This stuff is amazing, takes almost no scrubby effort and my brushes are the cleanest they have ever been. Definitely recommend.” —Melissa

“Well, I am seriously impressed. All of my sponges of various colors look almost brand new after using this. Even my white sponges look only faintly tinted in comparison to what they used to look like. It does seem like it takes quite a bit of product to do each sponge, but it definitely gets the job done. I’ll certainly order another bottle when I run out.” —G.T.

An enamel paint designed specifically to refresh metal surfaces that have been scratched or rusted over the years

Use it on fridges, washers and dryers, metal bed frames and bathtubs. It’s fantastic for vintage appliances too, according to one reviewer.

Promising review: “Oh my goodness! This stuff is amazing! I remodeled my bathroom and the washer and dryer looked terrible. One coat of this and they look brand new! I’m going to add another coat today just to make it extra durable.” — L. Hornberger

Vinyl peel-and-stick tiles to instantly make your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room look more modern

They’re removable, so renter-friendly! Removal involves heating it with a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive, slowly pulling it off, then using something like GooGone ($15.89) to clean the residual glue. For installation, reviewers say you’ll need a level, sanding block and sand paper, measuring tape, ruler, screwdriver to remove outlets, and utility knife or scissors.

The tiles are available in eight colors and in dozens more designs and colors on their store page.

Promising review: “These are great and easy to install. You have to cut the first section. I did put them on a textured wall and have no issues with them peeling off. I made a mistake and had to pull some of them off and they came off with no problem. They are sticky so I did have to pull a little bit, no damage to paint or wall though. You will need a VERY sharp knife and a pair of scissors. I used a metal carpenter’s square as a straight edge and it worked nicely. Nice upgrade to my little kitchen. I needed about 30 tiles and I had to buy 40 for cuts and mistakes. You can’t reuse the sheet if you pull it off. I found that if you have to cut the tiles, make sure you have the “grout” on the cut, it makes it easier to align and hides small mistakes.” — Tricia Hendrickson

A set of garage door magnets to instantly add curb appeal with less than 10 minutes of work

The listing has two different options: A set of 32 windows and a set of four hinges and two handles. You do have to buy the set of windows and two sets of handles to get the full look pictured!

Promising review: “OK, seriously, these magnets are fantastic! We are in shock that they look as good as they do. Our neighbors thought we bought a new garage door, and the ‘windows’ add the perfect pop to the garage without overdoing it. The magnets are excellent quality and stick to our door.” — Scott Teichert


A tube of patch and primer with a sanding pad on the cap and a putty knife on the other end

You simply squeeze a little of the patch/primer mix out of the tube, level it off with the scraper end, let dry, then sand with the cap! I used one of these in my most recent move and let me tell ya: it works exactly the way it says it does. I had several small nail holes from hanging pictures, plus six larger drywall anchor holes from a shelf. This made it easy to fill each one and scrape off the excess, then after it dried, I sanded using the little cap and couldn’t even tell the holes had been there! Needless to say, I got my entire security deposit back, no worries at all.

Promising review: “This product is genius! Worth every penny to patch nail holes without the mess and time of traditional drywall patching. Worked exactly as described and one tube was more than enough to patch throughout an entire home.” — Jaclyn A.


And a set of airtight paint touch-up pens to easily cover up those small drywall repairs or scratches, scuffs and stains

They work like little syringes to neatly suck up the paint from the can. Because they’re completely airtight, the paint lasts for years without drying out! They are refillable, despite what some reviewers claim; here’s how to. doit.

Promising review: “Love this — absolutely perfect for touchin’ up little spots that need touchin’ up. I have several sets filled with different paints and so far they’ve stayed usable, without the paint drying out. I rinse the brush really well after each use (latex paints) and recap it. It would be nice if the manufacturer put an area on the pen where you could easily label the paint info, but I use a permanent marker and it works okay.” — Hooked on Amazon!

An oil stain remover that works wonders on basically any kind of stone

It works on marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, sandstone, grout (for ceramic and porcelain tile), masonry, and concrete — and it won’t discolor the surface of the stone even one bit.

Promising review: “Had an oil stain on my untreated West Elm marble top buffet from a kids toy. I purchased the oil stain remover and crossed my fingers that it would work. Followed the directions, waited 72 hrs to let it dry completely, and then scraped it off with a credit card. It worked perfectly! I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend this product!” — parkhaven916

A waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant, flexible, moldable rubbery glue called Sugru

You can use it to bond glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and most plastics and to bond all of those surfaces to most walls. It slowly cures from malleable glue into a tough silicone rubber overnight.

Promising review: “This stuff is the solution to so many challenging repairs that it’s well worth keeping a supply of basic colors on hand in the fridge at all times. Example: After various glues failed to reattach the black rubber trim that holds the rear windshield onto my car, Sugru was the only thing that did. With no garage parking, this repair has survived 75-mile/hr winds, freezing temps, heavy rains, and 100-degree heat for well over three years and counting. And the repair fills the gap so perfectly that only a well-trained observer would ever detect the repair.” — No BS Reviews

A stainless steel cleaner and polish (with a microfiber wipe!) because all you have to do is spray it on then wipe it off

My mom swears by this stuff; she tried four or five other stainless cleaners before this one, and none of them made my parents’ stainless appliances quite as shiny as quickly and easily as this!

Promising review: “Perfect cleaner for my new Whirlpool stainless appliances. It also seems to make it a bit fingerprint-resistant as well. Since I cleaned my fridge down a month ago, I haven’t had to do it again yet. I’m sure if I had kids it’d be a little different, but this stuff is where it’s at. I’ve tried cheaper big-box store cleaners and they all take a lot of arm work.” — W Fish

A rust stain remover spray perfect for anything coated in a thin crust of orange

Note that it’s designed for rust stains that come from having hard water; it won’t do anything for, say, a rusty metal towel holder. (If you also have struggles with rust in the toilet or staining your white laundry red, try the same brand’s rust-removing powder, $16.10.)

Promising review: “Can’t believe we finally found something that works! When we bought our home there was no water softener and years of iron build up. We tried so many things on our shower. Nothing worked. We were convinced we’d be stuck until we renovated, but the Iron Out worked wonders. I still can’t believe it. We let it sit for about an hour. It then dissolved and wiped right off. Definitely use in a ventilated area if possible.” — M. Gilardi


A handheld knife sharpener to return your blades to brand-new sharpness

It has two slots: coarse for sharpening dull and damaged knives, and fine for polishing a knife or giving an already-sharp knife a quick touch-up.

Promising review: “I use this on my high-end German knife and it performs as well as any expensive sharpener. If your ‘good’ knife requires some fancy sharpener, perhaps the knife is the problem. I use this on three large kitchen knives as well as paring knives, and it keeps them all in tip-top shape. I do a lot of chopping, so having every knife tomato-ready is great. If you want an expensive sharpener, be my guest; for me, I’d prefer to spend my time USING sharp knives rather than adding undetectable macho sharpness I don’t need. Find a couple of good videos before you start — the instructions are OK, but don’t actual demonstrate all the features!” — Pete


A drain clearer with thousands of micro-hooks to grab every last bit of hair and gunk

You just insert it down your drain, twist it a few times via the handle, let the grabby micro-hooks on the tip (similar to Velcro) do their work on the stuck, clogging hair and debris. Then pull it up, and your sink will drain like it’s new!

Promising review: “As someone with long hair, I am constantly having slow and stopped up shower drains. I have gone through so much Draino and still slow. I’ve tried the plastic snakes and they’ve done nothing. Then I saw this product on one of those BuzzFeed lists and I thought I would give it a try. OH. MY. GOD. It pulled up a giant wad of hair that looked like a small, dead animal on the first go. I decided to try again just to be sure it was clean and pulled up another small animal’s worth of hair. It was pretty gross but now my drain runs better than in years.” — S. Gross

A 12-pack of bubbling cleaning tablets for mugs, coffee pots, slow cookers or tumblers to fizz out stains, odor, and gunk

You simply fill your container with warm water, add a tablet or two, wait half an hour, then rinse. Reviewers say it works best on metal or ceramic (not so much on plastic).

Promising review: “My husband drinks about three or four cups of tea each day. He uses stainless steel mugs that stain horribly. No amount of soaking or scrubbing would get them clean. I set our electric kettle to 200 degrees and poured the hot water over the tablets, filling the mug to the top. I left them in the sink overnight, and all I had to do was dump the dirty water out! No soap or scrubbing at all, and they were like new!” — Rachel

A fume-free oven cleaner that will erase the evidence of all those years of delicious baked goods and frozen pizzas with one treatment

Technically the directions say you actually only have to wait for two hours to get results, but lots of reviewers let it sit overnight!

Promising review: “Oh man, this stuff is awesome! I sprayed and left it on overnight. I had no idea what to expect. I took a paper towel and started wiping out the oven. The grime just melted away. I am VERY pleased!” — KsGrl444

Everneat / Etsy

Or an oven cleaner made from pumice, baking soda, sodium citrate, two plant-based cleaners and essential oils

It may require a tad more elbow grease, than the product above, but it’ll still get the job done. Rub the scrub all over your oven’s interior, scrub to your hearts content with a scouring sponge, then wipe off with a microfiber cloth.

Everneat is a small business based in Fairfield, Connecticut, that specializes in natural cleaning products and microfiber cloths.

Promising review: “This is the first time in my 50+ years that I have actually enjoyed cleaning my oven. And no, I am not joking! This product is effective, easy to work with, smells amazing, AND I only used a tiny amount of product!!! I don’t think I could imagine a way to improve this product. Highly, highly recommend it!!! Well worth any wait.” — Diane Coury


A memory foam mattress topper that’ll make your bed significantly more cushy

This one’s two inches thick and has several zones that theoretically provide different levels of support. It also has over 36,000 five-star ratings, so you know people like it!!

Promising review: “We purchased this to help add a little bit of padding to our aging mattress. This has definitely helped prolong the life of our mattress while increasing our quality of sleep. I was afraid that this would slip around on the bed but we have had minimal issues with that. It stays relatively in place with the help of our fitted sheet. The unique cushion pattern doesn’t seem to do much for us (compared to a non textured mattress pad) but as I said, it is comfortable. In fact, our dog loves it!” — thomas

A four-pack of foaming garbage disposal cleaners that you simply drop in with a little water, then let its fizz reach down into the depths of your disposer for you

Note that it’s best if your garbage disposal’s just generally smelly or dirty and not actually clogged. If it’s clogged, definitely call a plumber.

Promising review: “After seeing it say it only takes two minutes (mine was closer to four) I thought there was no way it would work. But I can literally hear how much easier the disposal spins. I can see the metal which used to be black. I’m in an apartment where it has probably never been cleaned. I didn’t even know the second sink drain was white until this. It had a layer of brown gunk. Simply amazing, I’m shocked how well this stuff works.” — J. Peace

A bottle of jetted tub cleaner because over the years those pipes get coated in soap, dead skin cells, and all kinds of other gunk

It takes just 15 minutes to see results; simply run your water, pour in some cleaner and start your jets.

Promising review: “This stuff is seriously amazing! I am relentless about cleaning my tub because I use it so often. Before I purchased this, I used the typical homemade recipe of bleach and powdered dishwashing soap. I’d have to run two or three cycles to get it crystal clear. One cycle with this stuff, 15 minutes, and the results are amazing! I first ran my tub with the solution, then drained it and wiped it down with a sponge. When I refilled the tub up and reran the jets, I kid you not the water was CRYSTAL CLEAR! I’m so impressed!” — Chelsea

A pet hair-removing roller so you can pick up basically every last bit of shedding with a quick, simple brush-brush-brush

Because it doesn’t rely on adhesive paper, you only have to buy it once and use it forever — cleaning the hair off the brush when it gets clogged, of course! My boyfriend’s parents have one these (and a doggie that sheds constantly), so I’ve used one a bunch. It really does pick up all the hair easily, use after use!

Promising review: “We live in a household that contains two humans, two dogs, and two cats. It’s a real Noah’s ark furnished with a black sectional couch. Our dogs hate the vacuum so much so they will attack it even before we power it on. This makes the task of cleaning our couch extremely unpleasant and nearly impossible. Thanks to ChomChom, we no longer have this problem! With a simple, quick, SOUNDLESS sweep, we’re able to keep our couch pet hair free in blissful peace. This tool does an amazing job picking up pet hair but not so much with crumbs. We were so impressed, we gifted these as Christmas presents for all of our pet-loving friends.” — Magpie


And a Pet House candle that eradicates lingering odors, whether from your beloved pet or yesterday’s dinner

They’re made from cleaner-burning soy wax, come in 21 scents that smell just like normal candles, and will burn for up to 60 hours.

Promising review: “I have multiple dogs in the house and am always concerned that it smells like that to visitors. I have used other candles and melts that add a pleasant smell to the underlying odor, but these candles do better. I can leave the house and return hours later and when I first open the door, I don’t smell dog. We recently had a house full of people (many of them pet parents) over for Christmas dinner and it was actually commented, ‘Your house smells really nice. How do you keep the dog smell out?’ I laughed and told them I was just wondering if the candles were working.” — LLL Texas

A glass and ceramic cooktop cleaning kit with a heavy-duty scrubber, a razor blade and a bottle of powerful cleaner

Promising review: “I hadn’t thoroughly scrubbed my glass cooktop in years, only wiped down with random multipurpose cleaners which never seemed to do much. Then a friend recommended this product… AMAZING! The included scrubbers and scrapers really make the difference. It will leave your cooktop shiny and new. Even marks that had been on there for years came almost completely off. 98% better. The key is to use very little product. Let it dry to a haze and buff with a clean, dry cotton towel, just like waxing a car.” — B. Swartwood


A 12-pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to give you a series of your own incredible before and afters

This pack comes with four specialty kitchen scrubbers infused with Dawn (to help fight grease), four specialty bathroom scrubbers scented with Febreze lavender, and four of the heavy-duty erasers that hold up to all kinds of messes. I’ve used all three types multiple times in my life and they work so well, I never like to run out of ’em! You just don’t want to use them on something that would scratch, like stainless steel.

Promising review: “It IS magic! Someone who shall remain nameless dropped a bottle of red nail polish on bathroom tile floor. The bottle shattered and generously splattered red polish on nearby hallway carpet and on a white door. A relative suggested Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I thought he was nuts. It took a lot of elbow grease and I went through several sponges, but it actually removed the red stains. I was amazed when it cleaned up the white door but blown away when it removed the stains from the carpet. Great product!” — Grasshoppa

A pumice stone because it beats back even the worst hard water buildup on toilets and tub

Promising review: “I have a 19-year-old master bathroom toilet that had accumulated some nasty stains over time which regular toilet brushes and cleaning products just would not remove. Decided to try this pumice stone, figuring that the worst that could happen would be that it scratched the porcelain and I’d have to replace the toilet. Which was what I would have had to have done anyway, if I couldn’t get the disgusting stains out. Pumice stone worked like a charm! Given the nature and severity of the stains, it required some elbow grease, but 10 minutes later I have a new-looking bowl, and I see no signs of scratching. Am very happy with this purchase…well worth the very low price!” — Happy Retiree

Two bottles of Goo Gone to quickly and painlessly remove everything from tape residue to mysterious sticky substances

This is another product I bought for my move a couple years ago: My boyfriend had hung up these posters that used big foam adhesive squares (no, they were not Command strips), and when we pulled them off the wall, they left a bunch of foam and sticky stuff behind. Goo Gone (plus a plastic scraper) came to the rescue! It took a little patience, but the stuff would never have come off without the Goo Gone. It helped break down both the foam stuff and the adhesive, which came off in little bits, leaving nothing behind. We did then wash off the paint with some dish soap and water — Goo Gone is super greasy — but by the end, you couldn’t tell anything had been there at all, and the paint was undamaged.

Promising review: “I have some three-year-old sticker glue on a stainless steel kitchen appliance. Put a squirt of this stuff on a paper towel, and 20 seconds later, sticker glue all gone! Not really sure if I can give higher praises here.” — Berkford

A carpet shampooer that will scrub away then suck out years’ worth of mystery stains

It also works wonders on area rugs! And it only weighs about 13 pounds — heavier-duty carpet cleaners usually weigh around 20 — so you won’t feel completely exhausted by the time you’re done with your living room.

Promising review: “I run dog services, boarding, and daycare out of my home. My carpet sees high traffic regularly and potty accidents on occasion. Love this Hoover! Holy moly! It picks up an INCREDIBLE amount of deeply imbedded debris, dirt, stains, and hair. The difference in how much cleaner my carpet is after using it is OUTSTANDING!! I regularly vacuum and spot clean with other carpet cleaners and couldn’t fathom the filth I was actually living in after using the Hoover. It’s easy to assemble and light weight too. You can’t deny the results when cleaning out the dirty water tank. Easily the best purchase I have made for my small business! Very impressive!” — Patty DeCarlo$

Ash & Indigo / Etsy

Or a lavender-scented carpet refresher if your floors have seen stinky feet, smelly cleaners or garlicky cooking scents

Simply sprinkle it over your floors (or even mattresses or upholstery), let sit for a while, then vacuum it up. Note that depending on your vacuum and how much of the powder you use, you’ll want to clean the filter before and after use to keep your vacuum in working order.

Ash And Indigo Boutique is a small business in Klamath Falls, Oregon, that carries natural soaps, moisturizing balms, and candles, as well as a few witchier items like crystals and stone jewelry.

Promising review: “I have dogs and one of them has really bad breath. She licks the carpet and I’ve been having a difficult time trying to keep our carpets clean. This amazing powder does the job. It came quickly and smells amazing! I’ll be ordering more once I run out. Thank you for such a wonderful product!” — Donna Nemerovski


A pair of scrub brushes that have your back no matter how stuck on or deeply embedded the grime at hand happens to be

The smaller brush has tapered bristles and a rubber blade on the end for wiping up grime from super narrow areas, like where the edge of the sink drain meets the sink. And the larger brush is sized perfectly for scrubbing at grout.

Promising review: “I HIGHLY recommend these brushes for grout. If you are on the fence of ‘Ehhh do I NEED a grout brush? I could just scrub the floor…’ Stop. Get these brushes. They are stiff and cut down the elbow grease time incredibly. Plus you can use them on anything. Pros: sturdy, easy to clean, solid brushes. Con: hands may ‘hurt’ a bit after use due to elbow grease.” — Jennifer

A specialty dryer vent cleaning kit and brush that (optionally) attaches to your drill

Lint can seriously build up in those vents and once you push the excess out, you’ll reduce your fire risk and your clothes will dry faster. You could get a pro to do this, but it’s a pretty simple DIY — that’s more money saved! Several reviewers recommend using duct or electrical tape to secure the rods even more!

Promising review: “We bought a 16-year-old house from the original owners, who are fine people but not legendary for their routine maintenance. The dryer that came with the house would take two 40-minute cycles to dry towels. I followed instructions, cleaning about three feet at a time, then pulling out the assembly and adding two more shaft sections, and repeating until the brush got to the roof vent. All told, about half a grocery bag of lint came out of the vent pipe. 20 minutes work, and drying time has been cut in half. Worth every penny and effort.” — Hillyb

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