5 things to do for dating with secure attachment

Each person has their own attachment style with which they approach their relationships. While some people have an anxious attachment style, some have secure attachment style. In secure attachment style, a person is usually emotionally mature to handle a relationship and can address their emotions in a safe way. In order to be in a relationship with secure attachment, we need to address our unhealthy thoughts and behavioural patterns to create more self-awareness. “Learn the invaluable insights, practical techniques and actionable steps to call in a healthy, fulfilling relationship,” wrote Relationship Specialist Rose Viggiano. The expert further noted down six things that we should do for dating with secure attachment.

5 things to do for dating with secure attachment(Unsplash)

Be clear about dating intentions: We need to be sure what we are looking for in the relationship. Be it a monogamous relationship or a short-term casual fling, we should have clarity of our intentions and how we want to proceed in the relationship.

State the non-negotiables: We need to have honesty and clarity from the start of the relationship. We should clearly state the things that we want and the things that are non-negotiable early on in the relationship to alleviate the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Don’t give up individuality: No matter how deeply we are attached to the partner, we should hold onto our individuality and our lives as much as possible. We should maintain our other relationships, our familial ties and friendships.

Be the person you are looking for: We all crave to be with someone who is healthy for us. We should also invest in being a healthy person for someone else. We should notice the behavioural patterns that can be toxic in the relationship and should make conscious efforts to change them.

Be aware of our judgement and intolerance: We should be aware of the way we can be intolerant and judgmental to certain things – we should address them immediately in order to keep away from making the relationship an unhealthy one.

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