International Picnic Day 2024: 5 reasons why going outdoors with loved ones is a great idea

International Picnic Day 2024: To go out with our loved ones and have fun needs no excuse. Yet, we have come up with five reasons why you should plan outings with your near and dear ones more. Every year, International Picnic Day is observed on June 18 – the ideal time to visit the outdoors with our picnic basket and our loved ones and have a meal together while basking in the sunshine and conversations. Picnics are a fun way of catching up with our loved ones, reuniting with old friends and having a fun time with our family members. Picnic as a practice is believed to have originated in France, after the French Revolution when people were allowed to visit the outdoors with their family members.

International Picnic Day 2024: Every year, International Picnic Day is observed on June 18 – the ideal time to visit the outdoors with our picnic basket and our loved ones.(Unsplash)

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Soon, going out for picnics became a fun activity that people look forward to. All you need to do is plan a date, pack a picnic basket and take off to the nearest park for a fun picnic date. Picnic is great for health as well.

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Going out for a picnic is great for us; here’s why:

Fresh air:

Visiting the outdoors and spending time with nature helps us to rejuvenate. Breathing in the fresh air helps us to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Fresh air is great for boosting digestion and improving blood pressure and heart rate.

Vitamin D:

The Sunshine Vitamin is produced by the skin as a response to exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D helps in facilitating the immune system functions and boosts the normal growth and development of teeth and bones.

Bonding time:

Going out on picnics with our loved ones helps in having a bonding time and developing deeper emotional connections. When we spend quality time with them, we connect to them more. This helps us to combat feelings of loneliness.


Picnics are incomplete without laughing about silly things, gossip and memories. Laughter helps in releasing Endorphins, which makes us feel good and happy. It also helps in triggering healthy physical and mental changes in the body.

Being present:

When we go out on a picnic, we go off the hook from our work stress. This helps us to be more present in the moment with our loved ones and appreciate life more. This further helps us in boosting creativity and having a positive outlook.

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