This Popular Handheld Mini Fan Is Less Than $15 On Amazon

“It cools you down quickly. Not loud. Easy to charge. Great for the airplane, in the stands of indoor swim meets, at the beach, menopause hot flashes and any time you need a quick cool down. Light weight. I keep in my travel bag. Have given as a fun gift to my menopause friends and they love it!” — Bumble Bee

The JISULIFE Handheld Mini Fan is a game-changer for anyone seeking relief from the sweltering heat, whether indoors or outdoors. With its innovative design, versatile functionality, and exceptional performance, this mini fan has quickly become my go-to solution for staying cool and comfortable in any situation.

The JISULIFE Handheld Mini Fan excels in performance. Despite its compact size, this fan delivers powerful airflow with three adjustable speed settings, allowing me to customize the intensity of the breeze to suit my preferences. Whether I’m seeking a gentle breeze to keep me comfortable or a stronger gust to provide instant relief from the heat, this fan delivers consistent and reliable cooling with every use.” — Howard

This fan is my go-to for my hot flashes. The 2 speeds are great & better! I am about to hop a plane for 13+ hours and know this is going to come in super handy. It’s small enough to fit in my pocket and powerful enough to cool me down.” — jbutcher

“Wow, this is amazing. The color is beautiful and soft and gentle, the little bear design is absolutely adorable, it’s so useful being a flashlight AND charger AND fan, and it’s tiny so it can fit anywhere! The flashlight was surprisingly powerful imo, like not super bright but it isn’t weak either.” — Ying Tao

“I bought this back in March 31st 2023 and it’s currently March 30th 2024 as I write this. I bought this abt a year ago for school cuz it would easily get hot n humid where I live and the school air did not help, I would use it constantly through school for 5 days abt 7-8 hrs a week and it used to hold a good charge and I have used it consistently 5 days 7-8 hrs a week still and you can imagine what that has dome to the battery life, but I’m very satisfied to say it was able to withstand abt 2,008 hrs of consistent use, it has two button one is for low mode it’s a nice small breeze the second is a bit higher not too high but that’s okay w me I like the cute bear design. It’s safe to say I am going to have to buy another one soon to replace this one, but I am glad this one did me so much use, saved me during my senior year and currently still saving me during my job c:” — judith

“I have now bought two of these fans because I dropped my first one. While it still works, it is somewhat broken and I didn’t want it to stop working! I keep this fan in my purse and use it for my hot flashes when at church, standing in a store line or anywhere for that matter. I often use the handle as a stand and it will sit upright by itself on a table!” — A1

I suffer from heat intolerance and need something to cool me down quick. This little fan works wonders! It fits right in my purse. I’ve used it multiple times and it hasn’t died on me yet. We let our daughter use it when she gets hot too, if she bumps it, it’ll automatically shut off.” — Mindy Snyder

I bought this fan for a 3 day musical festival because I knew I would get super hot. Many of my friends made fun of me for spending almost $20 on a baby fan. The first day of the music festival, two people beside me nearly passed out from heat exhaustion and dehydration. I gave them the fan to use and they were both better by the end of the day. Later that night, I unfortunately witnessed a car flip off the interstate. It was dark and we needed flashlights to help the people inside, and luckily enough, this fan has a freaking flashlight!!!! And most recently we had a power outage after a bad storm. And guess what you can use as a portable charger? THIS FAN!!!!!!! Buy it. Just get it. You won’t regret it.” — Floyd50

I have no idea how I have went through life without this fan to be honest. I have used this fan in SO many more ways then I have thought I would!! I originally bought 3 of them for me and my friends at the movie theater thinking “I’ll pass them out then collect them back and always have them for future movies” little did I know I would use them so much more.

I have used them at the movies twice, while I was getting blood drawn, at home when I need to dry my face cream, on an airplane, while I was sick, in the car after a pickleball game super sweaty, I mean I could go on and on. All 3 fans work perfectly and as my friends say… “You can really tell you paid top dollar for these fans and they are not your dollar store fans… These are top tier fans”

Highly recommend! Battery life is LEGITTT so long. Quiet enough I used on an airplane and at the movies and didn’t feel as though I was attracting any attention. The power is so great I typically only use it on the lowest setting. The highest setting PUMPS!!” — Nick

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