Parenting tips: Truths to remember while raising secure and resilient children

Parenting is tricky – while we want to provide our children with the best of everything, we also need to maintain a healthy balance of teaching them discipline, values and skills needed to navigate through life. In order to raise secure, resilient and kind-hearted children, we need to teach them the importance of being compassionate and empathetic at an early age. “Cultivating a secure relationship with our children is truly the most valuable gift we can offer them in life. But doing so can often feel daunting (especially if we grew up in caregiver relationships that were insecurely attached),” wrote Therapist Eli Harwood as she explained a few reminders for parents.

Parenting tips: Truths to remember while raising secure and resilient children(Unsplash)

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Feelings are not choices: Emotions are neuro-chemical reactions – something that children do not have control over. When they approach us with a negative or difficult emotion, instead of shaming them, we should address them in a healthy way. This further teaches them to navigate through difficult emotions later in their lives.

Impact of parents on children’s brain functions: The children’s brain and brain functions develop based on the relationship they share with their parents. We should deal with them with love, care and affection to have a healthy effect on their rain development.

Impulse control is a neurological skill: People take years to develop impulse control. Children may have a difficult time controlling their impulses. It also depends on their emotional and physical state.

Repair is more secure than perfection: When we focus on being perfect parents, we end up being anxious about it. However, being empathetic, making mistakes and finding a way of repairing it is more secure.

Actions are louder: Instead of making promises to our children, we should focus on the actions we do. Children learn a lot by observing their parents. If we want our children to be respectful, thoughtful and regulated, we should start practicing being the same.

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