Amazon’s Air Quality Monitor Is On Sale For $55

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Amazon’s smart air quality monitor is currently on sale for over 20% off and is as practical as it is important: It’s to help you, your loved ones and your pets stay healthy. It continuously surveys the cleanliness of the air within your home, measuring key elements of air quality — including levels of carbon monoxide — and reporting them as an easy-to-understand score in the Alexa app. The device also provides a visual indication of air quality through a color-coded LED light.

Though the monitor is compatible with any Alexa-enabled or Echo device, you don’t need one to use it: You can read the monitor’s air quality score and other information by using the free Alexa mobile app.

The monitor measures particulate matter and volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, in the air, plus carbon monoxide levels, humidity and temperature, though Amazon does note it’s not a substitute for a carbon monoxide alarm.

If the monitor detects poor air quality, you can receive notifications on your phone (or auditory announcements on any Echo devices you own). Plus, if you do own Alexa-enabled devices, you can also set up “routines” to turn on or off air purifiers, dehumidifiers or fans when the air quality shifts.

This little device (it’s less than two inches tall) is something you’ll want to bring into the new year with you. Check out what Amazon reviewers have to say about it:

“If you have any care at all for your health or your family’s health this should be on your mandatory list of home devices, the price is really not that bad for a well built air quality monitor. It has a light on the top that changes color with various air quality levels or you can just ask Alexa ′ how’s my air quality ‘…. You may not be aware of your current air quality…. Alexa has a bar chart showing what’s elevated ( info is also available in app) so you can vent air ‘open windows’ if air is getting bad. Yea this is that one item you’ll wish you had gotten years ago.” — Amazon Customer

“The device has a small form factor (much smaller than expected) – easy to put just about anywhere (the set up was seamless with the Alexa app), but don’t be fooled by the size, it’s highly sophisticated in the data it delivers. An absolute game changer when it comes to understanding the health of the air around me in the place where I live. I have this particular device synced (through Amazon logic in the Alexa App) to an air purifier that automatically “kicks on” whenever certain levels meet the threshold I specified. It’s great knowing that I’m sleeping in clean air, the data is a ton of fun to track (I’m a data person) – ever wondered what’s in your air?” — TuckVB

”I primarily got this to see how bad my wood burning fireplace was for air quality. But man! This thing is so useful. There are a lot of things producing vocs that I would never have guessed. Was able to see how effective the range hood is at clearing the air. We tested cleaning products. We found out how bad it is when you get take-out food in styrofoam. The difference in low voc paint versus regular paint. I learned a lot from this little machine. And the fireplace wasn’t so bad after all- so all in all I am very happy with the knowledge I gained from this purchase. I highly recommend.” — Brian

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