‘The Failed Experiment’ Is Sure to Spark Student Interest

Teachers know better than anyone how difficult it can be to capture and hold students’ attention, but TeachKind has something that can do just that. PETA has teamed up with executive producer Bill Maher to create The Failed Experiment—a shocking six-episode docuseries that takes a deep dive into the vivisection (animal experimentation) industry. This is a topic of great concern among students—TeachKind receives loads of inquiries each year from young people doing research on it—so we know they’ll be interested in viewing the series. Teachers will find it not only authoritative and eye-opening about the experimentation industry but also useful for lessons on persuasive writing and research and for encouraging responsive learning and interdisciplinary thinking. And since each episode is just six minutes long, the information is easily digestible and the entire docuseries can be watched in one sitting.


Vivisection is a highly profit-driven industry, which makes it difficult to find objectively factual information that hasn’t been compromised in order to make money, but teachers can trust this series to deliver only the transparent truth.

Animal experimentation has become increasingly unpopular as incontrovertible evidence of animal abuse and medical inefficacy continue to surface while more and more non-animal, human-relevant methods become available. Even the National Institutes of Health—the world’s leading investor in animal experimentation—admits that 95% of all new drugs successfully tested on animals fail in human trials. This compelling docuseries covers these topics and more and can be shown in the classroom or recommended to students doing research or persuasive writing projects on animal testing. It would pair well with TeachKind’s animal experimentation debate resource kit, and students can even request to speak to a PETA scientist in a live Q&A for answers to all their burning questions.


Available on Prime Video.

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